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    i knowthings are tight this year for many, and people already have their set charities they look after each year whether it be cards, calendars, toy donation, etc…

    but just a thought if anyone clearing out men clothing or bed clothes or even can spare a little shop for food….the Drogheda Homeless Aid are always very grateful of anything they receive….they service the local area and offer shelter and advice for men that find themselves needing a place to stay….

    just a thought…


    It must be very hard for Charities this year … There is so many deserving ones out there , doing so much work…


    i know there’s so many that need help but so many that can’t afford to help…it’s very sad


    Great charity… one thing i will say is that everytime i gave bags of clothes to this charity, they were so nice and thanked me a million times…. i left a load of really really good jeans and jackets and leather belts in a while back (dh lost alot of weight)
    The man at the door could remember what i gave and said "oh love, thanks for the great stuff last time!" she showed me his belt… very sweet and great too see your used clothes being put to good use


    yes i was listening to radio other day about homeless aid… and even thou some may think some people bring this on themselves…it is a very deserving charity as how can homeless people possibly get back on their feet without help like this…but it is true also where do you start…all charities are deserving especially at this time of year…


    I have to say girls, its heartwarming to know so many of us are still thinking of others even when things are tight. A little bit of charity goes a long way.

    Just last week I gave the Drogheda refuge a big bag of sachets of elave baby wash, body wash and shampoos etc and they were so grateful. They were so thankful that I was humbled. Nowadays even the smallest of gestures mean so much – they said it would be great to have when people come in to the refuge and do not have any toiletries; so it will be helpful to many people who need it hopefully.

    I am going to bring a wrapped gift to our Mumstown Marshes event on Thursday for their ‘Toys on the table appeal’ and also to LTC next Tuesday to our Mumstown event to leave at reception for the Drogheda refuge. They are small gifts that will hopefully bring a smile to some child’s face this Christmas morning.


    i agree its terrible that most of the people needing the services of this charity have put themselves in this position, sometimes they have nobody in the world, all down to their addiction of course…. but with addictions you have to hit rock bottom to either sink of swim

    Its hard to give to all charities but you can only do so much, i have in the last week given a few euro to 3 charities and a 10e toy to the toy appeal, i did also drop 3 black bags of mens winter jeans and winter jackets and jumpers to the homeless aid in Drogheda. I will sponser a light on the tree in the hospice in Dublin and i hope that i have enought to give some cash nothing major but enough to make a difference to someone…. my main charity is the SVDP……
    I did notice the homeless aid have a bin in Dunnes Southgate for a food collection, even a box of teabags will help someone this christmas

    I hate having to say no to collectors, i said to one the other day "sorry i have given to all my charities this year" he sniggered something at me…… IM SORRY BUT YOU CANT GIVE OR BUY FROM EVERYONE!!! But im trying to make an extra special effort this year as the charities are going to suffer, this might sound terrible but im not giving to concern this year, its staying local


    i think this country has hit rock bottom and it’s here we have to look after, like said we can’t give to everyone and if in anyway you can help whether it be a lift to the shops, a friendly smile, a lit candle, a few euros, a littl present, clothes for or whatever everything makes a difference…like someone had in another trhead doesn’t have to cost you, and with whether like this too, checking in on someone old to make sure they are kept warm, could save their life…..

    most importantly everyone needs to look out for everyone, as christmas though it’s joyous may not be for some, may be the straw that breaks the camels back…so for even those who volunteer their services over christmas who run charities and lend their time to help others….a special thank you to you…


    there is alot of hardship out there, was only talking to a neighbour, her dh lost his job a few months back they just had a baby, the older kids have their xmas lists that they cant afford to get, they have bills mounting, my heart was breaking for her… they havent paid their car loan or mortgage in months 😯

    What will next year have in store for us? I think you are right girls, its the things that dont cost anything that is what will make the difference, we will be back to the days of borrowing a cup of sugar from the neighbours etc….. or baking bread or scones as treats for the kids

    My mother was only saying how she could plan dinners for the week, on a bag of spuds and eggs… a friend of mine said while having ds1 on a play date that she has cut back on Fridays dinner is now fried egg, beans and chips…. a dinner that you can do for a few cents….. did we think a few years ago that a takeaway was a BIG TREAT 😯


    the centre will take mens clothes, blankets, shower gels etc etc…

    every little helps

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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