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    A small consumer group has been meeting with staff at OLOL to try to set up a homebirth scheme for women in this catchment area.

    The scheme would serve women in Louth, Meath, and North Dublin and would allow women to have their babies at home with a trained midwife through OLOL. A scheme such as this would take pressure off the maternity services in Our Lady of Lourdes and would free up much needed beds for women who need/prefer to have hospital births.

    The scheme is still very much in the planning stages – it is vital that we get feedback from local women to see if a homebirth scheme would be welcomed in our area.

    If a homebirth Scheme is something that you would be interested in seeing for the Louth/Meath area please post your support and comments here. Or if you prefer to remain anonymous you can email your comments to me at



    we are meeting tomorrow evening so any comments would be most welcome!


    Hi Jene,

    It’s not an option for me after 2 emergency sections but if it were I would be there like a shot 😥 Hope it gets the go ahead – what a wondeful way to give birth…



    Aileen – thanks for your post 😀

    I am the same… realistically, after 3x PPH I don’t think I’d be accepted into a program or scheme but am hoping it will get up so that other women have the option to have the experience should they want it 😀 (and I will still keep my fingers crossed that I might get a go too! 😉 )


    I would love to have a home birth but unfortunatly not an option for me either after 2 72 hour labours but I do think it is a great idea for women who can choose to have their baby in their own suroundings.


    Dying to know how meeting went as would love home birth, have posted similar on mm yesterday,
    Will it be like mid wife led unit scheme, where only some are eligable


    Hi Jess,

    Yeah – it would be similar to a midwife led unit …. so they would be looking for women with straight forward pregnancies and without medical history that might cause complication.

    Basically, it would be based on the system in place in another part of Ireland – with a wide catchment area as possible. It would be a public scheme so it would be free, and you would have all your checks for the pregnancy at home with a midwife, give birth at home, and have your postnatal checks at home also.


    pinkbabe – length of labour is not a factor what-so-ever, in fact, most labours when allowed to go on their own accord (without intervention to speed things up) are generally speaking on the longer side. A woman I know laboured 48 hrs for her homebirth and then 24 hrs for the second homebirth – these things take time 😉 faster is not always better 😀


    I had bleeding through 2nd pregnancy, so would that rule me out . My labour was 1hr 56 mins from first twinge but really only 30 mins hard labour, barely made it to hospital as I went for a bath, got final bits and pieces together and looking back on it now I litterally only in hospital for about 12 mins, for delivery and went home after 6 hours but would have went home straight away if I had been let.
    It was just so nice to be in my own bed that night and with dh ds and our new baby.
    So thinking about it really made me wish it was a home birth


    I dunno if it would rule you out Jessc…. was it during labour or after?

    I had 3 PPH’s – so bleeding after and had to have the placenta delivered by giving an injection. Wasn’t too bad on 2nd and 3rd as theywere expecting it but first it was a surprise and I lost ALOT of blood – nearly needed transfusion. I **think** this might be a reason why I wouldn’t be able to have a homebirth with a scheme (or MLU) but I recently learned that an independent midwife wouldnt necessarily rule me out as they are able to bring the injections with them to homebirhts – so if I didn’t get in on the scheme I’d try to go independent 😀

    Your labour sounds EXACTLY like mine! I was on Magic Mum and noticed a wee twinge..then nothing so did a clearup around teh house and had a lovely sambo (always thinking of food me 😉 ) and then a massive surge that took my breath away….and another 7 min later. Rang OLOL and they said to come in and I walked into delivery convinced I was 4cm or so dialated – nope! – straight into delivery and he was born 12 min after walking into labour ward! 😀

    Its a good thing we didn’t hit drogheda traffic!!! 😆


    Oh great so worth looking into then, thanks x


    Yes Jene pretty similar alright , no I had bleeding while pregnent throughout pregnany so was on a lot of bedrest, I attended Doc Milner she was concerned that I had placenta previa at one stage and thought that was what was causing the bleeding.
    Was in and out of hospital with hyperemesis gravardium think that the medical name or to me it was severe morning noon and any time I ate sickness
    Tbh the thoughts of being sick like that again does put me of but the thoughts of not having another baba makes me bit sad
    Dh would be reluctant to me having another baby again as he said he would never want to put me through that again.
    But watch this space i guess 😉


    hi girls,

    i was in the mlu, had baby in pool in dec 2005, used hypnobirthing as pain relief method, was fab, definately recommend both. even though it was a birthing pool in the hospital, it was like a home setting, very relaxing and really enjoyed the whole experience. honest…
    it would be fab for mom’s in the meath/louth area to be able to have the option of home birth it makes a huge difference in how you labour and birth. why not make it available afterall there are other ways of having babies than on a table….
    it’s a wonderful experience and it would be just fab if mom’s here could have it, great idea, they have it in dublin and all over england, so fingers crossed mom’s here will have it soon….


    I would love to have a home birth (if I go again) I had ds by emergency section, but dont see why that would stop me having a home birth….. I would be a pure fluke if the same things happened again. I know a girl who had a home birth on Sunday night (she lives in Malahide) Her dd1 was born after about 20 hours and her dd2 was born after just 2 hours the midwife got there 10 minutes before the birth and her dh was filling the pool. I hope this works out as I love choice and the more choice the better.


    I think this is a brilliant idea – I would love a homebirth (if I had another – currently preggers on no.3!) I would really welcome this as as option – love the idea of the privacy and comfort of haviing the baby in my own home and climbing into myown bed afterwards! The only thing that wld worry me a little bit is if anything went wrong witht he baby eg. breathing problems etc. However the midwives tend to be abe to cope with lots of things and really do all the work (along with the mothers of course!)

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