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    Thought anyone considering a home birth might like to read this. For a mum-to-be who is looking for a relaxing birth option, who is healthy and confident, this can be an amazing experience. And really involving for partners too, for us it was really great.

    Here is a bit of how our last one went, lets hope this one is as smooth!!

    http://www.independent.ie/lifestyle/par … 77563.html


    I second that a Homebirth can be fab. We are looking forward to our second one. I will never forget the feeling of my son Noah being born with his sister in the birthing pool. And then drinking Kristal 60mins later with my extended family in our sitting room! BLISS!!


    Our midwife putting the bed covers in the washing machine, giving me a bath and tucking me for a sleep were big high points for us.

    Was also very appreciative when my lovely neighbour popped in with a casserole for our dinner that day, was lovely having dinner at home with our little baby sleeping in her moses basket beside us and her brother and sister looking in at her curiously!!

    I know its not for everyone but after 2 hospital births and 2 miscarriages in hospital – it was lovely to have one at home.


    I had two homebirths and what I Ioved the most was, being able to have waterbirths, having all my ante and post natal care at home, getting into my own bed and suggling up with our new baby and having our other children involved with helping out!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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