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    hey girls juat wondering if anyone has gonae away and brought their beloved pet with them, pets become a part of the family so why not bring themon holiday too when possible, so if anyone has gone and brought their furry friend where did ya go any suggestions, it’s something i’m finding hard to book self catering in ireland that’s pet friendly……but found one or 2 both booked out……but if anyone can suggest that would be great…….

    sabbi this might be a good story too……there’s so many saying pets are wonderful to have but many places don’t allow pets even if the owner is responsible pooper scoops and has animal trained and behaved……why can’t they come too…..


    I know my friend brought her dog for a weekend away in carlow. They rented out a house and the dog was welcome. The only time we can bring our dog away is if we are staying with relatives..there really should be more places open to taking you said they are part of the family


    Hi ,
    just on the pets on holidays, I go down to Kerry a bit and found a lovely kennels last time near Tralee so that I could pick the dog up and go for a walk etc and drop her back before we went back to our hotel so possibly try to find a kennels nearby your accomodation.Usually the vets in the town you are going to will have a list of kennels ( need to book as early as you would book your own hotel/accomodation though and would need all vaccs including kennel cough).
    for those going abroad for a few weeks your pet can get a passport and depending on location appropriate vaccs, but i wouldnt recommend it if forless than 2 weeks considering all involved ( including expense!!).
    the dept of agriculture webiste has a good section on pet passport if you are considering travelling abroad.
    happy holidays,
    ann marie


    thanks a million that’s good to know…..a different option and the joy of having the dog with us…..there are lots of pet friendly places in the uk and france but would have to check regards vaccinations, also with the boat trip being so long leaving dog in crate in boat kind of puts me off……


    yeah the Uk is no problem by ferry and the travel times are short – travel is quiet easy with pets vet checks orrabies vacc etc required and very easy to go back and forth,
    France is totally different – much more difficult requires passport , rabies vacc and blood tests, id try UK first as thats no bother .
    Im very lucky in that one of the nurses at allpets is staying in my house to mind my boxer while on hols in July – she gets a free house and the dog gets to stay at home ,Good deal all round !
    Ann Marie.


    My SIL does home petcare, she will call to your house daily or twice daily if needed, she will walk and feed your dog,cat, bird etc… They have a boarding Kennels but some people dont like to put their pets into kennels, alot of dogs dont have a vaccine for kennel cough….. I dont mind minding your dog for you if you want to go away alone, but this time I dont want my son spoilt with gifts or a fab voucher for Scholars town house as a thank you, I will use it and enjoy it but it would have been cheaper to use a kennels 🙄 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Hi Scole,

    we used to go camping with our dogs but wen it got to 3 dogs there wasnt so much room in tent!! and bit of nitemare as other dog owners woudl let their dogs wonder off lead & we were always being so careful with ours,but had a great night once in Athlone b4 Ds came along ,we went to the pubs,dogs and all & had great night singin & dancin us & 2 dogs ,dogs enjoyed everyminute of all fuss they got…..but those days r gone now!!

    If you are tempted to go to england,cornwall has loads of dog friendly places & dogs r made much more welcome socially in england,so would definately recommend england for doggie hols!! we have left our dogs in car on ferry several times & they have been fine,but not sure how puppy would be thou?u wd have to keep him in a cage inside car.just word of warning on one particularly rough crossing,a dog died in kennels on ferry,was so frightened,so would never use the kennels that r on ferries,if weather was bad.

    Moonflower x

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