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    Its so awful about the fall out from the prank call to the hospital where Kate Middleton is. A radio staion in Australia called the hospital, pretending to be the Queen and got put through to the nurse who was looking after Kate.

    The nurse thought it really was the Queen and gave her a detailed update on how Kate was doing. But it was a hoax and when it came out, the nurse in question was so upset – and probably got in trouble for it – that she took her own life.

    There may have been something going on in this nurses life that had her depressed already but the stress of the hoax call is being investigated now to see if this is what tipped her over the edge to take her own life.

    Its so sad, that poor nurse had no idea she would be looking after a royal and could be caught up in a prank like that.

    all so very very sad. I’ll bet Princess Kate will be very upset about it too – a horrible tragedy for all involved.


    I agree Sabbi,its such a sad story.i thought initially it must have been a young person in their 20’s and that maybe she just couldnt cope with the pressure of the whole situation but she was a 46 year old mum of 2.what a waste of a life over something that no doubt would have been forgotten about within the month.

    Id say that the australian DJ’s are so sorry for what they did & how it has led to this.such a tragic story.


    I do feel sorry for the DJ’s too, it horrible for them. it was just a prank and it went so badly wrong. I wonder was there something else going on in her life and she was already depressed and upset and perhaps this pushed her over the edge?

    so terrible for all involved and even though its nothing to do with Kate Middleton, she will probably feel awful about it too. That poor girl will be scrutinised for the next 7 months anyway but this is just makes it worse for her too.

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