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    Wishing you all a really wonderful Christmas and a very healthy & happy 2010. I am sure all the little ones are up to ninety today though my ds (18 months) has no clue, however, Mum and Dad v excited.

    Not looking forward to travelling in this weather tomorrow though, Dublin, then Lough Ennell (nr Mullingar). So be safe on those roads.

    See you all in 2010. x


    Hi All HAPPY CHRISTMAS good luck on the big day lots of mams and dads ready to collapse at this point hang on in their will be worth all the effort tomo.
    i really think christmas is a very special time and we alll recieve a gift in some way or another lots of blessings and joy sent your way from me enjoy this special time xxxxxx


    Happy Christmas!! xx


    happy christmas have a great time…..be safe


    Oh Jenfitz be careful on the roads, Dublin should be fine its Mullingar I’d worry about! Mind the back roads they are terrible, but God must be looking down on everyone as the weather tomorrow is to be milder and wet, Drive safe and enjoy you xmas

    My 4 year old was asking could he go to bed at 6pm this evening 😆 😆 😆 i told him NoWay didnt want to be woken at 5am 🙄

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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