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    Its terrible about HMV not honouring the vouchers people bought before Christmas as gifts. I don’t buy vouchers anymore as I know too many people who have been burnt by either a business closing down or a business not accepting vouchers after a certain date.

    My son wanted to buy a HMV voucher for his friend’s birthday and I said no, and we put money in a card instead and I am so glad now!!

    I was impressed with the guy who went in there yesterday and picked up 3 games and when he tried to pay with his voucher and they would not accept it, so he walked out with the games and is posting the voucher into them, so they have to accept it!

    Ridiculous they would not take it. Bad for business.


    unfortunately what they’re doing with the vouchers is legal. That fella could actually end up being done for theft – the voucher is no longer an acceptable form of payment so technically he stole the games.

    I actually bought my newphew a € 25 hmv voucher for his b’day which is today because he’s 17 hard to buy for and it’s what he asked for – i’m just glad i bought him a tshirt too and didn’t spend all his b’day money on a voucher.
    Thankfully i did buy it with my credit card ( i always have bought vouchers on my credit card) so hopefully i’ll be re-imbursed – was onto them at 8am yesterday morning so we’ll see how it pans out.

    I do think It is very wrong that the laws in relation to administration, examinership etc allow companies that sell vouchers to legally to this!!!!!!!!!


    I think that if you buy with your credit card, you are covered. I am not sure if that is the credit card insurance or company that cover you.


    Its disgraceful that they are doing that… if there was doubt before Christmas, they should not have been permitted to sell them. In a way, it is theft on their part.

    I think they least they could have done is to have given people a time to use them in when this happened.

    Poor staff though, no idea on whats going on and will have no wages this month.


    I feel worse for the staff now, hearing they are not getting paid for all the work they did in the run up to Christmas! They get paid monthly and were supposed to get paid next week but have been told no, they will not be getting paid.

    Its terrible for them not getting paid….hope they can at least pay the staff.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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