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    HI all,

    Just wanted to post this for all the playstation game, music and DVD shoppers out there.

    I find HMV Scotch Hall, Drogheda very competitive. They do great swap deals and have lots of great offers in store. I recently changed 4 relatively old PS games for 2 brand new ones – with very little extra cost to me.

    As I had already fully completed the 4 older games, I was delighted to be able to swap for 2 brand new ones!!

    I also picked up the latest copy of Empire magazine, for 2 euro cheaper than the other shops in Drogheda that sell it. A real bargain!

    Overall, I was impressed with the service and prices and I will definitely continue to go back.


    I was in a newsagents on West St. the other day and Empire was almost 6 euro!! Needless to say I did not buy it there, I waited until I went into Scotch Hall and picked it up in HMV for just over 4euro.

    At least HMV are being competitive with the Sterling – Euro conversion, this will definitely make me shop there again, it drives me nuts that some shops are still blatantly ripping us off on the conversions so well done HMV!!

    Also, I was looking for help getting a present for a 12 year old boy and I hadn’t a clue what to get but the staff were very helpful and nice about the fact I did not want to spend a fortune!!


    This got big smiles from this Scotch Hall HMV employee 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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