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    Hi there,

    I am Sandra, at the moment I am still living in Dublin but I will be moving to Bray end January 2010.
    I have 5 year old son who will be finally joining me in Febuarry, at the moment he is living with my parents in Germany.
    I am 27, scotish, moved to Dublin this March. I work as a callcenter Agent and actually have a problem. The friend that wanted to move in with me when my son joins me here will move back to her homecountry in January. So at the moment I am trying to figure out how to arrange everything. This is how i found this forum. I was thinking, if there is any single parent in Bray looking to share a house I am sure we will be able to meet and talk about it.

    Well I think that is all for an introduction I will try to find a part in this forum to write about the sharing house idea.



    HI Sandra….

    Not a housesharing candidate I’m afraid, but just wanted to wish you all the luck in finding someone to share with! And of course to welcome you to Mumstown. I’m sure that you’ll connect with some lovely folk, and enjoy meeting new friends.


    Hi Sandra,

    Welcome to Mumstown!!

    You can try daft.ie or myhome.ie or even go to the local supermarkets, town halls and churches near to where you want to find a place to live and put up a post to see if anyone has a house suitable for you to share.

    There are local letting agents around the Bray area that can help you to.

    I hope you get sorted before your son comes, best of luck and if you feel like having a chat, come on here and type away to your hearts content!

    Best of luck and happy chatting,

    Best wishes. x


    Hi Sandra,

    We hope to start a Mumstown get together in the Bray/Greystones area soon – keep an eye out for that!

    Hope you are getting sorted with your accommodation search,

    Warm regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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