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    I came across this website today and I thought I register. Strangely it took me quite long to think of a username and I just looked around in the kitchen and saw tulips..
    Anyway I am German, living in Ireland for nearly 6 years and I am 3 months pregnant and this pregnancy/baby subject is very new to me. My first scan is this week and I am a bit nervoes but also very excited.
    I don’t know how you feel about it but I found the question of going public or private very frustrating. My instinct told me to go private but then friends of mine went public and were happy. In Germany you don’t have this kind of thing and the more people I asked here, the more I got confused. Anyway, we decided to go private and to be honest I am not sure if this will make a huge difference. Therefore I would very much appreciate some comments on this subjects.

    I read a few of your chats this morning and came across some comments, that men find it hard to comprehend that they become a father. When I bought my pregnancy book I also bought one for my boyfriend. It is called the Bloke’s Guide for Pregnancy and is written by men for men. It is very informative but also very funny and to my biggest surprise he is half way through the book. I even started reading some chapters and I laughed out loud sometimes.
    Therefore I can only recommend this book. I got it in the book shop in Scotch Hall in Drogheda.

    I have one more question. Did anybody do pregnancy yoga classes? How was this for you and are there any classes in the area? When should you start?

    Talk soon.[/url]


    Hello tulip
    Welcome to Ireland and mumstown.
    Congrats on the baby and its a fantastic time, fully of excitement and new experinces.
    That book sounds great, as I did find it very hard of dh to connect in the early days. He did tell me he felt very left out at times.
    I went public to the OLOL as the consultant I wanted was there on the public system, I was very happy. I did want to use the money saved from going public to pay for storage of ds stem cells, but they dont do it for you in OLOL and I asked dh to do it but he said no way….. If I ever go again I would do it myself. It might be worth looking into
    Happy posting


    welcome tulip to ireland and mumstown you’ll find lots of info here…..
    i went public in our lady of lourdes in drogheda i went to the midwifery ward it was great it’s water birth and found it excellent……so check out when you have antenatel check up…..there is yoga classes you’ll see them posted up in the hospital or even in the drogheda leader or even the meath coaster……

    good luck with your pregnancy hope all goes well, join in the chat here and any questions feel free to ask someone will have the answer or advice..


    hi tulip, welcome to ireland and to mumstown.

    i also went public on both of mine and i thought the care was excellent. best of luck with your pregnancy and any questions you have someone will be able to help you out.


    Thank you for welcoming me. I definetely will contact grainne milne (got her email address from this website) regarding early pregnancy classes in the Lourdes hospital. Have only been in hospital once as a child… bit of a strange thought having to go into hospital but I am sure everything will be fine.


    I was told at 37 weeks I had to say in hospital and I cried like a baby when dh was leaving me 😳
    I did get home after a few days, but when I had ds and dh was going home I didnt care as I had ds with me and I know I would be home in a few days.


    hi there tulip , i am pregnant too and going private did you hear of the mid wife led unit in olol it seems very good , the only reason i am going private is because of complications on first pregnancy , this is my 3rd !! hope to hear from you soon 😆


    welcome to MT and congratulations on you pregnancy 😀


    thanks again. this website is great. just one question and hope it is not a silly one but what is ds…. figured out what dh is..


    DS darling son
    DD darling daughter
    DP darling partner
    BF boyfriend
    HTH hope that helps

    Welcome to mumstown


    welcome to MT Tulip.


    Welcome to Mumstown Tulip – congratulations on the pregnancy!


    Hello Tulip!
    Thanks for the book recommendation!
    I hope you enjoy Mumstown.


    Welcome Tulip 🙂

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