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    Hi there!

    New to all this. I’m at SAHM with 2 girls aged 7 and 2 and another one due in about 3 weeks….feeling a little down and lonesome today as well as having a cold on top of things, my family’s in Oz, loads of in-laws here but no real friends of my own even after 8 years of living in Eire so have decided to get online and get chatting. Looking forward to chatting to some other mums out there and seeing what goes on here!



    Hi Wandamum,

    Welcome to Mumstown!!

    Lots to do on here…plenty of chat and a good ‘ask the expert’ section (see the box on your top left) where you can get advice on all sorts of areas, from pregnancy to accountancy…to skincare….to travel for holidays (with or without the kids!!)

    There are lots of events going on too, tomorrow we will be in Dundalk, in the Marshes shopping centre at the Bagel bar for our monthly get together there, with coffee and some free bagels and plenty of chat.

    Hope you enjoy the site, if you need any help finding your way around please ask, we are a friendly bunch!

    Happy chatting 🙂


    Hi Wandamum

    Welcome to mumstown, I have a dd aged 7 too 😀 only the one mind…

    Where abouts do you live?, I am up in Tullyallen and my dd goes to school there.
    What activities is your dd into, my dd is quite sporty and plays Rugby and GAA.at home she is mad into arts and crafts/ drawing and NEVER stops!!! She also loves her electronics ..messing around on the lap top and Xbox etc etc…makes her sound very tom boy ish but she is a real girly girl at the same time 😆

    Look forward to chatting on the site..


    HI Wandamum!

    Welcome to the site….. I take it when you say that you have all your family in OZ, that it means you are an Ozzie yourself? Me? Blow-in from South Africa about 5 and a half years back. Settling this side is a LOT different to what I’m used to…. 😆

    Enjoy the chatting with the gals, and if you get the chance to, pop into one of the get togethers and see us in person!


    Hello there Wandamum,

    1. I’ve a two year old as well (and one nearly 4 – both boys) &
    2. another baby due in 9 weeks.
    3. I’m a Mayo woman living in Louth – so no family near me either – not even in-laws!
    4. And yes, it can be quite hard to make new friends when you’re the ‘blow-in’. Know all about it!!

    See, lots in common! Don’t feel alone! Have a moan here & check out the Kildare section. You might find someone more local to meet up with.

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