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    super minder

    baby daniel should be home with his family on wed. its been a long and hard xmas.
    dad went into st james today for his tests before his op. and rang me to say hes grandson is keeping him going and he will recovery quick to see him.

    thanks for all the prayers and well wishing.
    since i was discharged from hospital myself and partner have been up at the hospital 4 to 5 times a day to feed and change. and were lucky i live in drogheda and have help with lifts ect.

    if anyone whos going into have a baby and finds them self in special care and live too far away to come in and out drogheda my house is yours to have tea and rest and help in any way xxxxx helps with the stress of traveling ect.



    Angie, so glad to hear that baby Daniel is getting home. Its great news. 🙂


    ah superminder, great news!!


    great to hear you’ll have your baby home soon superminder & how thoughtful are you thinking of others as you’re going through this. Very kind of you xx


    Delighted he will be home with you soon!


    Ah great news… hope your dads op goes well.

    i know you cant drive at the moment but im always around Drogheda (well at home) so if you need a lift just pm me….


    great news, so happy you’ll soon have your little one home with you.


    Glad to hear that Daniel is home with you.
    Your offer is a very nice one.
    You should let the special care unit know about you offer, they’ll pass it on parents in the same situation. It’s very difficult to leave your new born in hosp, and having someone (other than medical staff and partner) to talk to and get a cup of tea with could be very positive.

    Congrats, and enjoy your time with Daniel.



    hi superminder

    I know exactly what you and your partner are goin thru , my dd was born via emergency section her lungs collapsed , she was Intensive Care for 5 days ( I didnt get to hold her until the day I came home ) then she couldnt suckle and spent 2 weeks in scbu.

    We live in Navan and we were going over 2-3 times daily for feeds and just to be with as much as possible. I was expressing also for her.

    I have to say its one of those things that affect me still emotionally that i did not get to hold her until day 5 🙁 I still weep over it..

    We found it emotionally draining and for me recovering from a c section i think i recovered quicker than any other person. I just wanted her home.

    You are very good to open ur home to anyone experiencing the same as u went thru , I know it would have helped up if we had somewhere to stay in drogheda.

    I know how ur heart is feeling and 3 1/2 yrs on I still weep over our experience in NICU.

    The nurses and staff are fantastic in OLOL.



    You are such a star….even when you are going through a very traumatic time in your life you are opening your self up to others,

    You truly are a very kind and wonderful person.

    I can’t wait to meet your little fella when you’re both a bit stronger and able to come to one of our coffee mornings.

    Just stay strong, he’ll be home with you soon and he’ll keep your Dad going too.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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