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    Well i am a mother of 2 children, my girl is 5yrs and my boy is 10yrs
    They are both at a good age.I live outside Omeath. I work part-time from home doing Angel Card Readings and Reiki Healings (0866021444 for app:) i also make Swarovski Crystal pendants and earrings from start to finish i package them as well so no middle person involved so i can pass them on at great rates. Which in these times we all want value for money. Love working withall crystals i use them with the Reiki healings. I have planted a few oinions and carrots would like to hear from any mums who have planted veg this year this is my frist year planting veg no sign of oinions but the carrots are making an appearance, i wonder does all that rain help or hinder?


    Hi Sylvia, welcome to the site. Sounds like a lovely job you have and something you love. All I have ever planted is herbs which tend to take over the garden so good luck with your veg. It’s great satisfaction to eat something you’ve grown your-self 🙂


    hi sylvia,as you probably can tell by my name i have a very great sense of our angels all around us.welcome to mumstown.last year i planted fruit trees in pots asi have a very small garden.i think i got 1 raseberry last year but things are looking very good this year.


    great to hear from angelmum and newmomma thanks for your reply i would like to try planting herbs next i have a very large alternative remedies natural healing book i picked up nearly 10 yrs ago very good reference book about different ailments the proper name of the book is Natural Healing Remedies & Therapies by Mark Evans if you want to look it up in amazon newmomma put them herbs to good use

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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