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    I’ve just started my first pregnancy and a bit scared, I’m 7 weeks and have been feeling the aches and sore bits and pieces but I’ve not been feeling sick yet….. is that normal?
    How soon would I need to tell work? I’ve been looking for a transfer and think this is going to put the brakes on big time!
    I’ve so many questions and no one to ask…. I lost my mum 4 years ago and could do with having her at the other end of the phone now!



    Lucky you – some women do not feel sick at all so be glad of that! For some it kicks in around week 8 so you’ll just have to see what happens, you may get some bouts of nausea! If you do, have some ginger at the ready, it helps.

    You are not obliged to tell them in work about your pregnancy until week 24, (I think thats correct, check the maternity act to confirm that, you can see all the details of that at http://www.oireachtas.ie/viewdoc.asp?fn … /a2804.pdf)

    So don’t feel any pressure about having to tell them now. If you want to transfer, put in for it and see what happens but legally you do not need to tell them your pregnant so this should not affect your chances. The only time you would need to tell an employer about your pregnancy earlier on is if you have any hazardous working conditions to be concerned about.

    I know its tough to keep it quiet but its often best to keep it to yourself at work until you are further along and have had a chance to get used to the idea yourself.

    There are some good classes around Cork you can attend where you can meet other mums to be and make friends with women who will be due around the same time as you and then you can meet up afterwards, when the babies are born. There is a breastfeeding class with anulife.ie and there are yoga classes too. You can usually see details of these in the maternity waiting room at the hospital or the notice board in your local shops, church etc

    So sorry your mum is not here with you. Glad you found Mumstown, you can get lots of advice & support on here whenever you need it from all the mums on here.

    take care and enjoy your pregnancy.


    Enjoy not feeling sick. Not everyone does feel sick, and you could not feel sick for a pg and sick for the next one.
    I would wait to tell work but it’s up to you.
    You’ll get plenty of advice of mums here.

    But the main is enjoy every minute of it, 9 months goes fast.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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