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    Just tryin’ to check it all out here now and navigate my way around. I joined up after readin’ the article in the Daily mirror today. Thought it sounded great.
    Was wondering could any of u other mammy’s give me any idea on where I could find one of those Tv/Dvd combi’s for kids. Ya know the ones,do all cartoon Charecters such as Ben 10, Dora etc.
    I’ve even checked e bay and other sites for second hand ones. Looking for one for my little girl. Her birthday is at the weekend,she will be 4. I don’t hold out much hope of getting one before then but any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Awful cheeky,only on 5 mins and I’m asking questions! :oops:


    Hiya.I am also new.I am not sure about girls TV/DVD combos but I know Smyths did the Spiderman ones so maybe there.Have Argos got them?


    Hi Liv,

    Nah,I’ve checked smyths and argos. They used be ten a penny but just as I go looking,even online,can’t seem to find one anywhere.
    I even saw one in Dunnes last year that would have been perfect but I felt she was a bit too young.
    Sickening part is,I paid very bear 200 euro or just over for my son’s Ben 10 one,now in Argos that is the only one they have,and at half price! 😡
    What can ya do but keep hunting.
    Also tried Amazon but only had them in Engish site and very dear.


    Welcome to Mumstown girls!! Happy chatting!!

    And best of luck with your search Nickiedolly….hope you find one 😀

    This site is a great resource for things like this.



    Awh,thanks Sabbi. 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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