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    I could not believe that no one was hurt when the train bridge collapsed in Malahide on Friday evening. If it had not been for the quick reaction of the driver who went over it just before the tracks fell into the sea, this could have been a huge disaster. He is a real hero – he saved a lot of lives.

    Heres the link to the Independent coverage, gripping stuff….

    http://www.independent.ie/national-news … 67312.html


    It is a mirracle no one was hurt.

    but can you imagine the traffic now specailly in drogheda with the road works aswell 👿


    yes the traffic will be a nightmare.

    Maybe we could use this fab website to set a section " train/car pooling" where people will state the morning train station and time slot of departure and same for the evening.

    yes bus eirann will have some extra bus, but will that be enough, and what will be the route?



    Wow!!! What a hero, hundreds could have been killed… what chance would you have if you derailed into the Sea 😯
    I know the traffic will be mental and it will upset some peoples lives, but could you imagine if that full train crossed those tracks? We all would have know someone on that train brother, sister, neighbour etc…
    I it was winter and dark evenings the driver wouldnt have seen the fault, someone was watching those people that evening…. That driver is a true hero and his quick think saved hundreds of lives

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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