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    Anyone considering buying tins of Heros sweets, better think again.
    Apparently what you see on the tin is NOT what you might get inside

    Cadbury’s are dumping the least liked dark chocolate batches into tins, offloading them onto unsuspecting customers.

    See here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article … lates.html


    hi biggins,

    I didnt realise this until I read your post, and I as down in Tescos and bought 2 boxes of them. Sure enough when I looked at the box it has them bloody dark chocolates and eclairs in them. 😈

    I have a good mind to bring these back and exchange them for quality street, I hate the dark chocs.

    Nobody will notice this until you open them as you would just expect them so be the same as they alays were. I didnt even look at the box, and now Im actually digusted with Cadburys.


    What shell have I been under? I never heard of these sweets!!!! I thought it was celebrations you were talking about, but thats rotten what they did and very very stupid, would you buy them again next year if that was the crap in the tinthis year


    my god that’s mad, i can’t belive they actually did that, imagine doing that, they say their sales are falling and they are desperate to get sales, well whoever does their pr in a way gotta get their hed checked, this is sure to put sales right down and people peed off and will then buy only nestle…..oh i wonder what’s in the selection boxes???

    they should rename it to resession heros….for those who dare….lol….

    sorry to hear that trixie defo bring back and also print off the article so ya don’t get told to go jump when ya bring the boxes back….


    I know its only sweets (and good money) but when you pay for something you see advertised on the outside, you’d expected to find the same thing on the inside.

    I think its a disgusting action myself. Its making fools of the same public that is helping to keep them (or was) in jobs.


    I agree, they shouldn’t be allowed get away with this. It is ripping people off. complaints hould be made.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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