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    Uggghhhh….morning sickness…..does anything help???

    I’ve asked this question on my previous pregnancies but never really found anything that helps…..part of the process I guess :)

    I feel sick, queasy and a bit dizzy at the moment. Apart from lying down can anyone suggest anything that helps?


    Oh a huge congrats on the pregnancy, everything crossed for you 😆 😆 😆 Delighted for you both 😉
    Was lucky enought never to have had it on any of my pregnancies, but did hear Ginger a good cure, my mam used to eat ginger nut biscuits before he head would leave the pillow, also read somewhere that reflexoligy is brilliant, maybe you should give moonflower a pm
    might be worth a try….


    yeah the ginger is supposed to be good.
    A tip i was given was to eat something before you move of a morning – even just a rich tea biscuit or something similar – worked for me and my sis said it helped her this pregnancy. oh eat little and often – i found if i got hungry i would feel sicker.
    Congrats on pregnancy.

    Mamma Mia

    Hi there, we stock a fab product which aims to help with morning sickness – it’s by Natalia and it’s called Morning Sickness Ease. It is totally organic and the blend of peppermint, ginger and bergamot essential oils are refreshing, preventing nausea and helping to stimulate appetite. Here is the link [url][/url]

    Good luck!

    Catherine at Mamma Mia


    Firstly, Congrats to you and best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy. I really feel for you as I am just a few weeks the other side of pregnancy sickness myself. I was really bad on DD, however, this time around I was still quite sick but I learned a few things that helped me manage it better.

    I found fresh ginger in boiled water, ginger biscuits, crystallised ginger (health store) all eased mild nausea but did little for me when I was really sick. This time around I did a bit of research. I looked into taking ginger tablets and b6.I posted previously about it so have pasted the info here:

    Yay it’s quiet here so I am getting some time to post. I know what you mean when you say you are nervous about taking anything during pregnancy. I’d say if you feel up to it check out … uctID=1836

    This page gives some info on their morning sickness formula and some contraindications and cautions (it is however a commercial website so the information given supports their product). The tablet contains 400mg ginger and 25mg B6. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a website that delivered this side of the world and that could say for certain it would not be stopped at customs. I waited until I was actually getting sick before taking them as I didn’t want to use them unless I really felt I needed to. I will definitely stop taking them as soon as my pregnancy sickness eases as I don’t want to take B6 at these doses long term.

    Another website that may help you make a decision as to whether B6 is right for you: … nt-b6.html

    The following info I found on may also be helpful:

    Even before a woman actually looks pregnant, she will have a number of symptoms telling her that she is expecting a baby. Among these is morning sickness, a feeling of nausea which occurs in the earlier part of the pregnancy and which is thought to be caused by a surge in hormones in the woman’s body as a result of her pregnancy. It is thought that a high level of the hormone oestrogen, low blood glucose in the morning, high levels of digestive juices and increased activity of the liver all contribute to morning sickness. Iron supplements may also worsen the problem and it may be helpful to take them with food Low blood pressure, deficiency of vitamin B6 and iron or excessive amounts of fatty foods or spices can aggravate the condition.

    The term morning sickness is something of a misnomer, as it can occur at any time, especially when the woman is tired or hungry. It usually passes off as the pregnancy progresses (by 14-16 weeks) but it can interfere with a woman’s nutritional intake.

    Some women find that it can help to eat a carbohydrate-rich food such as dry toast or a cracker or biscuit about 20-30 minutes before they get up in the morning to help settle their stomach. A peeled apple or a peeled, cooked potato can also help. Protein-rich foods may also help. Fatty foods are nauseating and should be avoided, however.

    It can also help to try to continue to eat small meals regularly rather than just three big meals a day. It can also help to avoid spicy food and to avoid drinking liquids with her meals. Ginger biscuits or ginger ale can help symptoms of nausea.

    Women with morning sickness should also drink plenty of water as this neutralises stomach acid and replaces any fluids lost by vomiting. Fizzy drinks which have been allowed to go a little flat can also help. Peppermint tea can help too, as can icepops, jelly or clear broth.

    Some of the above info may not be easy to follow, especially if like me you can’t keep still water down. I try and get my fluids from sparkling water and brothy soups. Not ideal but it’s getting me through at the moment.

    Found this on EUmom through google :

    Vitamin B6 deficiency has been linked with nausea in pregnancy so increase your intake of sources such as meat, whole grains, wheat germ, soya flour, brewer’s yeast, mushrooms, potatoes and avocados. You could also discuss taking a supplement with your doctor.

    This is a way to increase your B6 intake though diet rather than tablet if you prefer. However, I would minimise meat intake and keep it to lean meats as I find they are difficult to digest and can add to nausea. I am not sure how to incorporate the soya flour but I do take soya milk instead of cows milk with a small bowl of porridge in the morning.

    Pity I didn’t know about Morning Sickness Ease when I was sick, thanks Mamma Mia for posting about it. I’ll definitely keep it in mind for the future 🙂

    Another thing that I tried this time around that really really helped ease the nausea and vomiting was accupuncture. After each session I would feel a big difference and would be good for a few days afterwards. I went weekly for about a month and it saw me through the worst of the sickness. I really recommend it. If you have health insurance you should be able to claim some of the costs back too, which is nice.

    Make sure you get as much rest as you can as I found tiredness aggravated the nausea.

    That’s all I can think of at the moment and I hope you can take it easy and mind yourself over the coming weeks. I hope the sickness eases for you and you feel better soon.

    All the best.

    Mark Acu

    Hi Daisy congrats on the pregnancy and hope the morning sickness has eased a bit for you.

    I am a acupuncturist and have treated many ladies who have suffered with morningsickness with great results. Its one of those double edged swords as in its great that you are pregnant but the sickness is a total hindrance .

    In treating morning sickness using Traditional Chinese Medicine you have many options to use. Needles are one aspect. I use several methods of home care that you do yourself depending on the “type” of morning sickness you have. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine Morning Sickness males total sense as your body is re directing your energy to baby growth and away from regular menstruation cycle. Sometimes it goes a bit nuts and sends it all back up…. Not so nice.. 😕

    The good news is you have options with treatment and I would be delighted to have a chat with you about it and explain it more to you if you so wish .

    Take care



    Congratulations Daisy! I am a new Mum who suffered with Hyperemesis (which is morning sickness multiplied to the nth degree!) and I didn’t get any relief from the normal methods. I ended up with medication – also I had a few sessions of acupuncture which definitely did help, even if it was just by relaxing me! Plus my health insurance covers so many alternative sessions per year, so I got a lot of the money back on that too. Hopefully your sickness is not that bad, but the acupuncture might still work for you too.

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