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    Watch our video where baby swimming expert, Anna Woodhart, shares her valuable advice about getting your little ones into the water

    Swimming with your baby is one of the most rewarding and memorable things you can do and is a great bonding exercise for you and your little one. Splashing around in the pool can help both you and baby to stay fit and healthy, as well as providing your baby with vital swimming skills that they can develop as they get older, making sure you can be confident they are safe when they are in or around water.

    However, many parents can be put-off swimming with their children whether at home or abroad because of the perceived hassle and safety worries. There are a number of ways to overcome these and make the experience enjoyable and relaxing.

    One of the main barriers to swimming with little ones is the embarrassment factor of them having a little accident in the pool, but with the right know-how parents can be sure their child makes a splash not a plop in the pool!

    Our video with Baby Swimming Expert, Anna Woodhart, and Pool Hygiene Expert, Robbie Phillips features top tips for parents on taking baby to the pool, enabling mums and dads to relax and enjoy the intimacy of baby swimming.

    Click here to watch our video: [url:w49eiio6][/url:w49eiio6]

    Click here for more information: [url:w49eiio6][/url:w49eiio6]

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