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    ok my friends sister in law is getting married and im invited to the full day, plus guest. the bride to be was also J’s teacher in playschool, so i know her quite well.
    Thing is i cant afford to put much money in a card so im thinking of getting a present instead.
    I was thinking of an engraved photo frame with their names and date of wedding? or will they get loads of that kinda stuff?
    any suggestions of what to get or what not to get would be a great help !!!
    Thanks :)


    How about something different?

    * You could frame their wedding invitation (or a copy of their wedding day mass booklet if you can manage to get one, etc) in a nice frame for them to hang on their wall in memory of a good day. If you can steal another one, you could show all sides within the frame. Be creative with it. Add flat flower petals/confetti around the edges of it etc…
    * If they are going to a beach on their honeymoon, a beach blanket, some sunscreen, and a frisbee packaged in a low-cost bag can be a thoughtful and fun gift. Just make sure they open it before they buy these essentials for themselves. All in a basket or presentation box. Call it the honeymoon present!
    * Ingredients for a romantic dinner. This could be a couple of candles tied with a pretty ribbon, a jar of high quality spaghetti sauce and a box of pasta, with a dessert kit like this one they can make together. If that gets too expensive for you, some nice candles with a note about the romantic dinners they’ll enjoy together will work well also.
    * Magazine subscriptions are gifts that keep on giving. Computers, DIY, Health & Beauty mags, etc…
    * If you could steal some old photos from their parents quietly, I or someone you know could scan them into a computer, make an A4 or A3 size photo collage. Photo shots of her on one side growing up – him on the other – and a space in the middle (blank to be filled) for a wedding shot of them together. I do jobs like this myself for friends. I have an A3 printer. You get the idea though.
    * How about looking up their coat of arms (his & hers) and getting that printed out onto a page and framed for their home?
    * Something similar to above – look here:

    There is loads of unique ideas, it just depends on the limit of the dosh you wish to spend. All the best and hope you find something.


    I know when I got married, I got loads of frames!
    The Newbridge stuff always seems to go down a treat… or some modern piece, I like the Willow Tree stuff and the Circle of life stuff, you can get lovely keep sakes… will keep the thinking hat on and let you know if I think of anything else!


    thanks biggins, theres alot to mull over!!! 🙂

    yvonne i have no idea what the hell them things are hahaha she is only 24 and so is he, doubt they into them kinda things, plus she is very particular about her house. pain in ass people living together b4 they get married i tell ya haha


    Love those ideas from Biggins!!…..What about a gift card for a shop they like, or one of the big department stores, the gift card wont show an amount of money on it….anyway, you mentioned that you know the bride to be quite well, so they are inviting you for your company and friendship and not for how much you will spend on them !! enjoy the day ….


    Biggins they are great idea’s, so individual. I will be stealing some of them.

    I got about a million (slight exaggeration) frames, vases, ornaments when i got married 5 years ago & 90% of them are in a suitcase in the attic or have been given to Charity shops – so i wouldn’t waste your money!! Unless you know the exact style of the person, it is not a good idea.

    I normally give money but to my close friends i also get the Front page of that days Newspaper laminated & framed and have it ready for them by the time that they come home form their Honeymoon. They all love it.

    Once i was invited to a wedding of people who had loads of money so instead i got them a voucher for two tickets for a Sea Safari boat trip from Malahide Marina. It went down very well, they had a great time. It was about €60, i think.( They told me that it was something that they would never have considered doing but really enjoyed it.

    I myself love to get vouchers for Restaurants. You could get a voucher for an early bird meal (or Sunday Lunch) for two somewhere nice – that wouldn’t cost too much.

    As previously said, they didn’t invite you to the wedding for the present & if you go to a little trouble to do something different, they will appreciate it so much more, well they should anyway.



    What about a Yankee Candle, i am mad about these and have them all around the house. Hallmark in scotch hall have a special wedding candle, the large ones are about €26, plus other wedding samplers. There are loads of places to get them in town, Carrig Doon/Solomons/Pharmacy beside pennys. Get the candle a nice gift box, all for €30.


    Lai dont talk to Yummy about yankee candles 😆 😆 😆 😆 Sorry Yummy PMSL here, you had me online buying yankee candles for xmas…. My mil loved hers so much she didnt put the xmas one away and is still using it.

    What about the digital photo frames from Argos, they do some on offer for 40 odd euro. They could load all the wedding snaps on there.
    I wouldnt get photo frames, we got loads and it was a tiny wedding. I know a couple who are tying to off load their wedding gifts onto others they are invited too 😆 😆 😆

    Love the seasafari from Malahide, its sounds great. Might get dh to look into it for the weekend


    lol taylor, yeah u cant go wrong with yankee candle alright, that might be a nice idea, in a nice box, that wouldnt break the bank!!!!!
    im so broke!


    Yummy they know your moving house and wouldnt expect much, Im sure they would rather you be there then not IYKWIM

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