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    Does your child wet the bed? Have you tried every trick in the book to stop this from happening? Are you out of ideas?

    If so, then don’t worry, we have something that might help and want to hear from you!

    We are kicking off with a live and interactive WebTV show with DryNites experts Dr. Hilary Jones and psychologist Emma Kenny where they will discuss the causes and psychological impact that it can have on your child.

    We are producing a live and interactive webTV show on the 8th February at 1pm, offering tips and advice on how to deal with bedwetting. We’d love to hear from as many of you as possible and there are a couple of ways to contact us.

    You may be a regular mummy blogger or frequently give advice to other mums at the school-gates, either way, register your interest for a chance to be a part of this. You can send us a video message or, for the camera shy, you can send an email to explaining your bedwetting problems for the chance to be featured in our show.

    For mums that aren’t quite ready for time in the spotlight, you can still get involved. Not only will you be able to watch the show from the comfort of your home receiving advice and further information on the topic, but you’ll be given a chance to interact with it too by sending comments and questions directly to the panel in studio.

    We want some of you – as mums – to be involved and share your experiences with us. We will then pick mums to try different techniques and review the successes (and failures) later in the year.

    For more information visit [url:u3dlln44][/url:u3dlln44]

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