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    Please help. Has anyone any advice /experience please?

    The doc says my son seems to have eczema. It started on his legs and now it is even on his face ! Its on his cheeks, chin and around his mouth and nose. Sometimes there are small water blisters and then they seem to burst and go very dry. I think its drying up now but it looks so nasty. Not sure if its from the central heating or cold temps. Treating it with fucidin.

    Can anyone tell me of they have experienced this and how long it takes to go. He is only 2 . Please help.


    My daughter had bad eczema from the age of nealry 2yrs aprox. She only gets occasional bouts of it now and we have it all well under control. This is 10yrs ago now but I used Fucidin, which is an antibiotic cream as far as I remember. I used it when my daughters eczema got worse and to treat when it got infected. I found it useful to put on the cream/ointment, then cover the area with a bandage dressing square with the shiny side facing down. It didn’t stick to the area so was easy to take off. Used tape for sensitive skin when taping dressings on. Also found smoothering the area in an emollient/ silcocks base cream at night, and again, covering with a dressing worked well…stopped her scratching at night and making the areas worse in her sleep. Can be hard to tell a 2yr old not to touch.

    If its very itchy I used an antihistamine like phenergan liquid (over the counter product far as I remember) when they were younger or an antihistamine tablet when older, especially to help them sleep at night, sometimes the itch woke them up.

    I have found, over the years, in my daughter’s case I can only use Persil Non-Bio powder or her skin goes mad reacting.

    Hope of some help… took me a while to work out what flared it up but definately know now its using certain perfumed products like washing powders, softners, shower gels, shampoo etc.


    Scarlett, sorry to hear that, its awful when they are uncomfortable with eczema. If you have a look in the ‘Ask the skincare expert’ section on here you can get some tips about how to look after eczema prone skin. Elave have some very soft, gentle products that help reduce the flare up of Eczema prone skin. They have a new baby range out now too, which is very soft for babies and small children and its in most chemists in Ireland.

    They are also associated with the Irish Eczema society, whose website and newsletter has some good tips for dealing with eczema. If you click on the Elave ad on your left, there is some good information on there to start off with.

    my kids all have sensitive skin and we’ve been using their products for years. if you are at the bagel bar next Tuesday in Laurence town centre, Elave will be there with loads of samples of their baby range to hand out so you could pick some up for your little one.
    Hope that helps.


    Thanks folks, I am actually confused now as to whether its teeth or excema.

    he is dribbling so much the rash is all over his chest ,chin and around mouth.

    Is it possible that I am mixing them up? Could the teeth be bringing on this terrible rash?


    I’m sorry to hear about your little boy. Fucidin is normally used for impitigo, although that is not to say that its not eczema that the child has. Eczema can occur on any part of the body but generally has a tendancy to appear in skin creases (flexures) of the arms and legs. It often flares up when the child is stressed such as they are teething. However (regardless if it is eczema or not) it is important not to use harsh products on the skin – as overwashing can strip the skins natural barrier of the protective oils. Always use a gentle/irritant free shampoo, wash and cream in the childs daily routine. The cream should be re-applied several times throughout the day – especiallyin the harsh weather conditions that we are experiencing at the minute, as going from central heating to freezing cold can aggrivate the skin even more so. Often parents use a mild wash on the child and then wash the hair with a irritating shampoo and the sud’s run down the body and the good results of the wash are eliminated. A good intensive cream is key to keeping the skin in good condition. Contact with wool, synthetic clothing, animal hair and dust should be avoided – clothing and bedding should be 100% cotton where possible.

    The majority of children have mild to moderate eczema and usually grow out of it but i think it is important to bear in mind that the continued use of irritant-free products on all skin types if better for everyone. Chemicals could not be good for the skin and absorbstion.

    Hope this is of help to you. 🙂


    Just to follow up more with regard to your concern about is it eczema or teething for your little boy. As we said earlier stress can effect the skin and the dribbling associated with teething combined with cold weather can aggravate already sensitive skin. If you GP has recommended fucidin keep using this but once cleared up as a preventor for dry, blistered skin around the mouth & nose, we would recommend Ovelle Parrafin gel as a barrier gel to protect the skin. It is a clear gel and clings to the skin moisturising and protecting from dribbling and cold winds. Ovelle Silcock’s base is v good too as was suggested. The Parrafin gel 500g is €9.99 and is a great all purpose emollient moisturiser and protectant. Ask your pharmacist. Apply 2-3 times daily and before going outside. AIso avoid using wipes on the area unless very gentle. We would also recommend contacting the Irish Eczema society for lots more information. See pink links on Mumstown.
    Hope this helps and don’t worry it will get better.


    Irish Breeze water wipes re excellent, especially for rubbing hands and faces as well as bums, they are made with just water and a touch of grapeseed oil. they are on offer for 3.50 at the moment, well worth it as they are very thick and last longer than most other baby wipes


    MY ds has eczema, he is 3 but had it since he was a few months.

    I use oilatum (sp) gel when bathing him & i thinks its the best, Have tried a lot of different things over the years but this is the best.

    Use sudocrem behind his knees, if very bad And Aveeno on his legs & arms daily.

    My ds only has it on his arms & legs, never on his face, so maybe your ds is just teething but im no expert.

    Oh yeah, when he is bad, i eliminate dairy from his diet.

    Fairy non bio is great too for washing clothes.


    Thanks everyone for your help. It seems to be fading with the cream. Hopefully it will be a bit better in the morning.

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