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    My dad wrote and sang a song years ago about the town of Drogheda, He has made a webpage for it too

    He is now looking for the girls who did the back vocals to sing again on a waltz version of the song. The school was Marymount in Ballsgrove and it was around 1982, if you know anyone who sang on it or know anyone who was at that school in 1982 could you please direct them to this website and to contact my dad via the email address on the site.

    Much appreacited :)


    I think you’d be better off putting this into the Drogheda Independent. Everyone buys this paper. Hope you find the gals. I went to that school so i’ll ask around.


    too early for me i only started there in ’84

    yes put a notice in the drogheda independant or the leader your sure to find some of the girls
    good luck 😀


    Did you not contact the school Im sure an old teacher might know


    I went to Marymount National School in 74 /75 – I rem that song been recorder..

    Next saturday night – Hillbrook Drive are having a get together – i will ask because they allwent to Marymount

    It was a great song


    There is an article in the DI this week about it, the DI found my dads site and wanted to interview him, the only thing is it says Marymount on dublin Rd so either people will think he meant Fatima or they will get the right school.

    Thanks girls for your help.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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