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    I wish i could lose weight, i want to so bad.
    Next year i will be 40 and would like a party,,, i am now a size 22 and would love to be a 16/18, just to be able to buy clothes in a normal shop.

    I have tried all those Fab diets, and exercise.

    I have family memebership in the gym, but with work , husband work and Mama=’s taxi,, twice a week will be all i will get to the gym..

    Sweets , the odd glass of wine and savoury snacks are my down fall….

    The doctor wouldn’t give me anything because i have asthma..

    I want to prove it to myself that i can lose weight..

    Any magic solutions…

    Today , i went out walking twice ,once at the beach and then around the estate this evening,,, i eat healthy except for ice cream and bag of tayto. ( but it is time of the month)



    Libby I really really feel for you reading your post, I think that if you came on her and posted what you did your on your way to getting to your goal.

    If you have the gym membership…. use it! Make time for yourself and be kind to yourself.
    Also Im sure your family would love to attend your birthday party and see their happy daughter/sister/mother/wife etc… dont beat yourself into being size x by next year, a movement in the right direction weight and size wise would be great, but to love and be happy inside your our own skin would be the best gift to yourself.

    Ok have you tried.
    Weight watchers
    Kick starting your metabalism with hot water and lemon before breakfast or boose it with Kelp (seaweed tablets from health store)
    Walking a dog or foster dogs for DAR if you dont have one
    Try hypnotheraphy… I used this to stop smoking and heard it works great for weight loss, Bernice from Laytown does it so you wouldnt have to travel too far
    Good luck you’ll get there in the end


    hI, think weve all been there sometime……Im 37 this year and really want loose de weight once and for all….fed up trying and not getting there…..Just had 5th baby and now is the time to not put it all back on again….

    I started XENICAL from a GP and with supervision 3 wks ago. It helps by absoring 30% of the fat from a low fat diet and gets rid of it out of the body!!!!! so far so good – so dont know if this a possible option for you with your gp even with athsma.

    I had to make lot of little changes in the last 3wks but its working and I think Ive lost bout 5.5lbs so far….but Im still eating healthy and not "starving".

    Heres a few things helped me.
    *melt sweetners in tiny drop warm water and then mix into skim milk for breakfast cereal….only eat shreddies or whetabix now….no fancy cereals now.
    * tried few brands of milk but Avonmore skim milk more like regular milk than other brands.
    * cut out white bread and using wholemeal brown instead when i NEED BREAD FIX!
    * Bananas my emergency food…..say last week had chips down at the beach but I ate 2 bananas to fill up fast and had only few chips.
    * put low fat, low calories biscuits in biscuit box so when I go to it from habit its only my biscuits there now….choclate all gone.
    *like you would definately not get to a gym so tried walking but just dont like it too much, bit slow for me….so bought a mountain bike and loving it……cycled 6 miles yesterda and I only started 2wks ago….chuffed…..

    I was a size 22, now a 20 and hoping for less! Not sure what I want weight wise but I’l know when I get there. Was only 10.8 after my 3rd child born and that felt okay……long way to go but on my way!.

    As I keep telliing myself, it aint gona b fast…took me a long time get this weight on and will take time to come off….but every bit I loose is a plus….

    Good luck and dont give up……every little bit is a bit in the right direction…and if you have a bad day so to speak just start again.


    Thanks Guys

    I really good for posting that.. Hopefully i am on my way.

    Back to work today, i have had a diet yoghurt for Breakfast..

    Iam off to Malahide for a picnic, so i will get a wrap, fruit, water and popcorn.

    I am doing this for me,, and that is important.


    well done libby on starting and posting on your weight loss.
    i to am trying (once again ) to lose the 3 stone i put on when i had my son , eh 7 years ago 😳 😯 😳

    one thing i will say to you is, a yougurt isnt the best breakfast you could have, try and fill up on breakfast so it does you till lunch, you could add berries and oats to the yougurt to make it more substantial, or try porridge with a bit of honey, or lean bacon and a fried egg (in the low cal spray oil)

    grapes are great for a sweet snack and if your like me and are tayto mad, then get the light ones (cant rem the name) or have skips.

    hmmm now if only i could take my own advice 🙂


    I lost three stone since January this year. For many years I wanted to lose weight but I just didn’t seem motivated enough. This year I just decided not to find excuses for not excercising or looking after myself. The major changes I made was to ensure I brought in my lunch every day to work, even if it meant preparing it the night before hand. I also ensure I have lots of fruit with me as snacks so I don’t go near vending machines. Vary your lunch so you don’t get bored and go back to old habits. Also cut out all sweets and alcohol for at least the firs month then you can treat yourself the odd time after that. The most important meal is breakfast so ensure you have a big healthy breakfast because this will keep you going and stop you from snacking. Exercise is very important and it must be done at least 5 times a week for it to make a difference. Think of an excercise or sport that you like and that you can find the time to do.

    I used the book The Secret to motivate myself and visualise how I wanted to see myself in 6 months time. By really believing in what I could look like, and having good thoughts about myself, I found the time to exercise and slowly with a better and healthier lifestyle the weight fell off.

    My main problem was finding time to exercise. I couldn’t join a gym because I had no one to look after my daughter when my husband was ill. I bought myself a cheap exercise bike from Dunnes and an old stepper from Boots and started to use them every night while watching the news or listening to the radio and I did it.

    I will be 42 this year and I am slimmer and healthier now than when I was in my late twenties. I have more energy now than I had then. I ammuch happier.

    You can do it but you must get yourself into that frame of mind and become motivated. I would recommend doing the The Secret visualising because it worked for me and I haven’t looked back.

    Good luck


    Thank you for all the advice.

    Had a big walk today, it was lovely.

    I need to keep trying..


    i am the exact same i really want to loose loads of weight before christmas , went swimming this morning – arms are aching now and i have a pedometer and am trying to do the 10000 steps a day also drinking loads of water to keep hunger at bay i really just need a push to keep at it 🙄


    Hi all
    baby flab seems to be one of the worst things to try and get rid off. Some men are easier to get rid off!!!!
    Anyway,, I’m in the baby flab gang but unlike you all, I have not found that motivation yet to get back to where I was before I had my children. Probably will never get there.
    Anyway, a friend of mine has been trying to loose weight for years. Shes 30 this year, no children so no baby flab, and made a deal with herself that this was her year to really do something about it.
    She has gone on this lipotrim product which is done in the pharmacies. They do a consultation and then monitor you as you go along.
    I haven’t seen her but over a space of 2 weeks she told me she lost 2 stone or so. and still going strong.
    I am not endorsing it but just putting it out there. More of an FYI.
    Website is
    Best of luck to all.


    hi all, as some of you already know, i am doing weightwatchers. I have lost a stone and now i am stuck. (think its because kids are off school though)

    Mary, the lipotrim diet is a total food replacement diet. i have never tried it myself but my SIL did. It is so strict, you cant even chew gum when on it. My SIL did it for 4 weeks and lost 3 stone but once she went off it the weight went back on. To be honest i cant see how it would work on a long term basis, i would be a bit wary of it. You are better off losing weight slowly, its easier to maintain it that way.

    Mummy 5, good luck with the bike, god i remember the days we would all cycle out to bettystown and back just for fun. couldnt do it now, i’ll tell ye.

    bunnacurry, congrats on the 3 stone.

    yummy, got a tip at ww about grapes. if you freeze them they are like hard boiled sweets and last longer.

    Good luck everyone, we can all motivate eachother.


    The best way to kep the weight off is to lose it slowly and steadily because you’re making lifestyle changes that you will keep. I wouldn’t recommend things like lipotrim. To lose 2 or 3 stone in a couple of weeks is not healthy and could cause health problems inthe future. Also losing the weight so quickly quickly means that you stop what ever plan you were on and going back to your previous food habits. When you lose it a slower pace your body gets used to the weight falling off and you are more aware of what you have to do to keep it off. There is no such thing as a quick fix. I lost on average 2-3lb per week, more int he beginning and less as I reached my target.

    Keeping positive is the key to it. Have positive images of yourself all the time of how healthy you’re going to be and how good you’re going to look. Think of how you want to look when you reach your target, and visualise the outfit you want to wear which wil make you feel good that you have reached your dream. Keep that in mind every day, especially when you go to sleep. Banish any negative images of your self as you are now and just concentrate onthe good images. This will build up your confidence and you will be come more motivated as the weeks go by. Also get rid of any clothes that are too big in your wardrobe now. You don’t need them. If you really want to lose weight you won’t need any clothes that are already too big. Buy something a size smaller and believe you can fit into that in 4 or 6 weeks time. When exercising just think of that outfit that is waiting for you. These are some of the things I did to help me keep motivated and it stopped me seeing food as the problem or as a negative. My aim was to become healthy and fit. I didn’t focus on losing weight and having to diet and starve myself but on what would make me a healthier person and the result is being a few stone lighter.

    Now the key for me is to keep at my present weight and not go up. Sometimes they say reaching the gao is the easy bit, but maintaining it is the hardest and I suppose thats the stage I’m at. The important thing is to remain positive and to feel good.


    We all know we have to be postitive,

    I have cut down on sweets, went to Mamma Mia last night.. no sweets

    I have organised to do Aqua Aerobics on Monday & Wednesday next week, i plan a lot of walking this weekend too


    Hi Grils!

    Just read all Yours posts!
    First thing i want to say to you are Congratulations to you ALL for wanting to feel better!
    Second – to loose weight you need to understand why you gained it!
    Third – mostly times weight loss is imposible even if you eat less or aren’ t eating at all, like liquid diets. It’s because digestive system doesn’t work.
    Fourth – with eating few kinds of food, your body can’t get ALL vitamins and minerals it needs, it becomes weak and other problems begans – tiredness, illneses, depression e.t.c.

    And one more thing – every body consists of body cells, if this cell is sick, after 90 days , when she dies, the new cell borns, but not healthy NEW. The new cell is twin sister to the old one, and it continues her life for next 90 days to become healthier or sicker, THAT DEPENDS ON YOU!

    Your body can heal it self, You just need to help him to get healthier!

    There is a post and invitation to the Weight Loss Challenge in Retail News, my advert is in – … ng_id=3465
    There is so many options how i could help You, Just ask! I can tell you, there is no such thing as magic diet, all depends on You!


    I agree with wellness coach on the points raised. It was exercise which changed my attitude and got me slim. Exercise is now a major part of my lifestyle and I find it is a good way to de-stress after a hard day at the office and at home looking after family. I have learned to find an hour for myself to exercise at least 5 times a week no matter what. If it means leaving some non-urgent house work for the following day then thats what I do. Giving oneself time to de-stress is so good and I am so much healthier even though I lead a very busy life with work, home, family and other commitments. And I can enjoy the odd desert without worrying about the calories.


    fair play bunacurry my god you didn’t look like you needed to loose weight and 3 stone my god where was that that you had to loose…..fair play anyways….

    i really really need to loos eweight i am so going to kick my ass into gear…..feel motivates after reading your posts girls…

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