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    Hey there,just looking for any quick fixes for a red raw bum…the poor thing has had diarrhoea for a day & a half litterally changing her nappy on the hour so shes not left sitting it it for long,i have been alternating between putting sudocrem,bepanthen & talc on her bum & i have water wipes & pampers wipes that have the added aloe vera that are meant to help but litterally everytime i look at her bum its redder.

    any tips would be really appreciated as i have one very unhappy & cranky baby on my hands


    I know it’s cold, but try and leave her with her nappy off for a while, as the air on her bum will help…. also make sure she is completely dry before putting nappy back on her… 🙂 Tricky I know if she has diarrohea…

    I’d also make sure that there isn’t a little bacterial infection on the go….ie… if the redness is raw / open sore … ? If so, that would warrant a trip to doc / pharmacist…

    Poor baba, and poor Mommy!


    Brenda i’m not sure about the water wipes as i never used them BUT as for any other wipes i always stopped using them the minute babs showed a red bum and would switch to warm water and cotton wool.
    As chewiodie says if at all possible leave her nappy free for a little while at a time it does help
    The bepathan was only thing that worked on dd2
    hope it eases for her soon


    I would only use Irish Breeze water wipes when they have sore bums, they are soft and have no chemicals whatsoever, so are unlikely to irritate the skin. If she does not like the cold, you can warm them slightly so they are not cold on her bum.

    Sudocream is very heavy, do you have anything creamier? I find the Elave baby lotion very good, it is quite runny so it goes on very easily.

    We steer clear of talc because find that it can be irritating on some skin types. We use a tapioca based powder that is talc free instead. that is very good.

    The Caldascene powder is good too, helps with irritation.

    Second what chewie said, try to air her bum if you can. If you have a changing mat, lay her down on that and let her kick away after changing to have her bum exposed to the air for a while, this will help soothe her skin and if she has an accident, its a wipe clean surface so not too much to clean up.

    Also, give her little drinks of warm water too, that will help settle her tummy.

    Poor little lamb, hope she feels better soon.


    Oh, the poor little thing. I would say leave the nappy off if possible. Also, put her in the bath for a little soak. Then loads of sudocreme.


    Thanks for the tips ladies,am trying them all

    I ended up going to the doctor with her today as she was getting increasingly upset & i figured that 3 days was a bit too long for the diarrhoea to be going on.he reckons that she has a virus either rotavirus or adenovirus so i have to get a faeces sample & bring it into the laboratory in temple street to get it tested.Hopefully she will be alright at the moment he said she isnt dehydrated & seems bright so hopefully she will stay that way,as otherwise if she goes downhill he said she will have to go to hospital to go on a drip.I have to say the thought of going back to temple street fills me with dread & sadness as she was there for so many weeks before so hopefully it wont come to that


    You did the right thing to take her, 3 days is a long time to have it. Babies are amazing little beings though, she could bounce back anytime and be grand again within a few hours.

    They worry us until we are up the walls with stress and then, as if with the flick of a switch, they go back to being fine.

    I hope she turns around soon and you can avoid the hospital.

    Take care and I know its a cliche, but try not to worry too much. She is a strong little lady with all she has been through and fingers crossed she will be back to herself soon. x


    more then 24 hours in kids needs medical attention….


    Hope she is doing better today. x


    The diarrhoea has eased a bit in that it isnt in EVERY nappy,maybe every second one,she is still bright & is feeding well so she doesnt seem dehydrated.she is still out of sorts though,crying a lot & projectile vomitting.i feel so sorry for the poor little thing.we wont get the results of the faceces sample from temple street till monday so i figure we will know more then & hopefully manage to fix the problem.


    Hey,still waiting on results from laboratory,they are doing culture tests on her faeces.but she seems to be on the mend now as her nappys have calmed down a lot thank god as was quite worried there for a while

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