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    Desperately looking for a solution to this problem!!! DD now getting out of her car seat & I can’t go anywhere! Have to keep pulling over to get her back into her seat. Is there any straps or clasps I can get??? Any advice is v welcome!



    My sister used to use a popsock to tie across her ds’s chest IYKWIM. She would put him into the seat put the straps on then tie the two straps together so he couldnt pull them down off his shoulders
    When he got bigger and stronger he could get out of this, she was driving on the Naas Road one day and looked into the mirrow to see him out of his seat, she pulled over and in a total panic she said she had to teach him a lesson and slapped his bum (to frighten him against doing it again) she had a pair of gloves inthe jeep and they had a little clip on each glove so you can clip them together as a pair, she put his gloves on and clipped them together. She would tell him if he wasnt good he would get his glove handcuffs on 😳 😆 😆 😆
    Sounds terrible but it worked on the maggot


    I had the problem only briefly…I literally had to keep stopping the car and refusing to drive until the straps were back in place. Took a bit of time but the message got through and was never a problem again. Helps if you take a drive just to do this when you don’t have to be anywhere important in a hurry. And don’t forget lots of praise when they keep the belt on……a child loves the praise.

    Its a bit like any problem with a child when they have to learn about safety and the right way to do something. Just keep doing itand it did help not to get angry but to be calm and explain it had to be done. When they don’t get a major reaction and attention the novelty can wear off a bit. But all kids are different and my mum did resort to tying a strap with my sisters child to keep the two front straps together so a child couldn’t slip their arms out.

    Using the baby mirrors to see in the back while driving are still a gr8 idea when you have an older baby, child. At least they know you can see them.

    Or try the oldest trick in the book as I have done any my 6yr old is still convinced I have eyes on the back of my head!!!!! He still asks how come I know everything and I say its because I have eyes on the back of my head and see everything…….special mummy eyes.
    He laughs but is still wary of how I know when he’s up to something.



    My dd used to do this , cannot really remember when she stopped .

    but I do remember reading that you should not put make shift straps etc around the harness as it could hinder you if god forbid you had to get out dd in case of an emergency 😯


    I told my ds that the guards would stop us if they saw him without his straps on. I even went so far as to threaten to take him to the guards station if he didn’t listen! Worked a charm, but i was prepared to take him in and let them lecture him on road safety! It is the law to wear your seatbelt after all!


    thanks everyone for your replies i’m really grateful!!! i emailed tony kealy’s for advice as well & they said to take her coat off & pull the straps as tight as they’d go & not to be afraid of them being too tight. so i’ll see how that goes & hopefully the novelty will wear off eventually – she laughs at me when she does it & laughs when i freak but when i stop the car she pulls back & pretends to be asleep!!! if i wasn’t in such a state i’d find it funny!!! 🙂 i’m even more nervous because i was rear-ended before xmas at the roundabout at colpe cross (1500 euro for a new bumper, still waiting for car to go to crash repair specialist) and for once, she had her arms in the straps, thank god! fingers crossed… we’ll see how it goes!


    I would just bring everything to keep her hands occupied. Put a bag on the back of the passenger seat with all her little bits in there to keep her hands busy. Also car dvd works a treat! Playing eye spy anything really just to get you there safely! Best of luck

    super minder

    try a book or toy. try talking to your child about her teddybear and how he would be if he got
    hurt or garda stop him.

    good luck and do let us know how you get on.



    I used to wrap a sock around the straps so she could not get her arms out. It worked great and even if it looks a bit funny having a sock tied there, the most important this for me was to have her safe so I didn’t care!!

    They can be such little terrors at that age!!

    Good luck….


    cheers for all ur advice everyone…. i’ve just been told that dd probably needs a new car seat!!!! the seat she’s in was the same one ds was in when he was the same age, so it probably doesn’t work as well as it used to according to my mum’s friend who works for eurobaby – so i guess a trip to eurobaby is in order – might get one on sale!!! and hopefully then that works as well … if not i give up!


    Smyths in the M1 retail park have great offers on car seats – wrorth checking out. Halfords are in the other retail park, beside Argos but can be very expensive, although it is January so I’d say there are plenty of sales to be had!


    My little monkey does exactly the same – has been doing since 15months. He can get out of the seatbelts in both the cars – so I don’t really think buying a new one is going to help you. I have a Graco carseat and find that the shoulder pads on the belt make it easier for him to get out. There is velcro on them, which you can detach one layer but cannot take off. When the shoulder pad is opened, he cannot manage to pull the belt off.

    I went around all the shops looking for something but none of them had anything – they just said pull them tighter and that no one else had ever complained!!! Also, that he was a bit young to try and explain it to – very helpful!!!

    I think when they are fitting the seats for you, they should also fit the child and explain how to keep them harnessed correctly. Very difficult to adjust the seatbelt – and this time of the year, you pull tight when they wear a jumper and then cannot loosen too easy when they are in a coat.

    If you are buying a new carseat, I saw one that looks like it might be easier to handle – Bebe Confort Axis. The seat swivels out so that you can put baby in and make adjustments – which are linked to the headrest height as opposed to your guesswork and trying to pull either tighter or looser. A bit on the expense side – priced before sales at 279euro – may be cheaper now or worth a trip up north!


    thanks a million for that – the car seat sounds great! dd is quite petite so i wondered if it was a matter of finding a car seat to suit her weight & height rather than putting her into her big brother’s one that he’s grown out of. my mum’s friend works for eurobaby & she’s advised me to go in & have a look at new car seats.. i’ll have a look and see – but it might be something as simple as a little dvd player with her favourite programmes to keep her in. u never know- she might grow out of it before then because now if she even takes her arms out, the car is stopped & out i get & put her arms back in & tell her off so she very well knows!! today she gave up,so i thought if i’ve won that battle i can win the war! ha


    Well my 3 year did have that issue awhile back and i would simply give him items to entertain himself, example a book or a small toy. They tend to get bored on long drives. I’m not too sure if someone has suggested this to you already but try it..maybe with one her dolls.Hope this helps. 😆


    thankfully my ds hasn’t done this been warned from day one about how safe and asks me if i have my belt on….he’s just gone 3 think i scared the poor child…..but i do know people who have kids who do take their arms out, and believe it or not it is actually the car seat not suitable for the kids, the straps not tight enough or slightly twisted or if they’ve been passed down the don’t suit the child, best thing is to check the seat see how it is for one child as it may not suit another, but to always tighten the seatbelt and leave 2finger gap between the belt and chest….good luck with search and hopefully little miss will realise that she’s gotta keep arms in….

    also alot of people don’t strap their kids in properly they leave the belts loose as they feel too tight…well people that’s wrong always tighten the belt what’s the point of having your child in a seat if belt not tightened……ya might aswell have them seated freely on the back seat….

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