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    I can not keep anything down at all, not even water, i have been sick since the start but not as bad as the last few weeks, i am starving. not sure whether to go to doctor or just hope it stops soon, anyone else feel like this????


    Hi Jenny,

    I’m not sure I can give you any advice but couldn’t read and not reply. I had morning sickness until week 13/14 though not as bad as yours – I had just constant nausea myself but not so much vomiting. To be honest if its going to clear up it should do so in the next week or two at most. Are you able to keep down anything at all e.g. crackers, dry toast, plain biscuits? Also its very important that you get enought fluids therefore if you aren’t keeping fluids down I would go to the doc in case you are/get dehydrated. Hope you feel better soon hun.

    Razzle Dazzle


    you poor thing been there, and still times where i get sick, mine didn’t ease til 22 weeks then back again at 25 weeks now on and off, but heartburn usually now sets it off, i found that the only thing i could keep down and not just morning sickness was all day sickness, was eggs sandwhiches and cheese on toast ate that for nearly 20 weeks, and apple juice… addicted to mc closkey brown bread and laughing cow cheese and coleslaw or brown bread and marmalade, hated that before only used to eat strawberry jam…

    anyway sorry for waffle, but if you can find anything that you can keep down stick to that, also keep note as they say you shouldn’t be throwing up more than 3 times a day, and make sure plenty of fluids, if you find that you can’t keep that down at all, say to doc, as there is a condition….i also found that when i took folic acid it wreeked havock with sickness made me feel sick and made me throw up….so unless you’re body is just over loaded don’t panic even though i know it’s a horrible feeling and makes being pregnant feel like crap……

    hope feeling better soon, but try and have water or whatever drink will stay down and dry food not always ginger nuts i found they made me worse……i really feel for ya and hope doesn’t last long….

    other than that how you feeling…what’s your due date now…


    Poor you, it’s different for everyone. 🙁
    If you can’t keep nothing down not even water ii totally suggest going to your doctor. I know theres something they give for pregnancys like this.

    Goodluck hope you feel better soon!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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