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    Hi – im new on here and have decided that i need to get out and meet other parents in my area. My DS is almost 11 months old now and in creche. Im back in work and will be working 4 days from Sept. So first on my list is the Baby Swim in Bettystown on Friday mornings :) I feel a bit isolated tbh and didn’t really get out there enough when DS was a baby. My road is full of kids but i still find it hard to meet other parents.

    So i would love to meet some other mums in the area for coffee, chat etc!

    Claire x


    HI there

    I’M in a similar situation we moved house a yr ago I don’t know any neighbours as both houses on either side are rented. so if you like to mail me my address is ymck68@yahoo.co.uk.

    Hop0Look forward to hearing from you.


    hi gilrs welcome to mumstown….try if you can to get down to the swim on a fri, also every first tuesday of the month in laurences town centre there’s a morning always a great morning, manic but great, and again first thursday of the month in bagel bar in marshes….

    i know what it’s like having moved here 6 years ago, i was working and so therefore didn’t know anyone when i had my ds1 who’s now 4.5yrs old it was from mumstown that i started getting out and about, it’s great to have an outlet like this, you get to know what’s going on and meet people, it can be very daunting the first time going out, you feel arkward but relax as everyone has been there at some stage in their life with kids…

    so come and have a cuppa and a chat, and you will meet some great people…i know i have…sure any questions just fire ahead and i’m sure someone will be able to help…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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