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    I am SAHM (at the moment) with 3 little ones living in Kildare. Eldest just started playschool, ds2 is just 2 and dd is 9 mths.
    I am finding things really hard at home, really find the kids hard going, hoping things will ease a little now only got 2 every morning.
    How does anyone do this all the time?
    Would love to chat with others who are struggling or have struggled and have come through the other side and are no longer feeling insane. (If thats possible when you have kids).
    Never thought being at home would be so hard.
    look forward to talking to others


    God your a busy girl, it does get easier the older they get…. you will have great fun chatting on here


    Welcome to Mumstown Jaci.

    You are not alone, most of us parents have days when we wonder what we’ve let ourselves in for! Thankfully, whenever you feel like that, you can come on here for a a chat and know you are not the only one!

    Aside from chatting, there are lots of other areas on Mumstown where you can get information and support that you may find helpful. There is an ‘ask the expert’ section which has lots of interesting areas to read through or post questions from Pregnancy to Vetinary, to Legal, to Travel, to Accountancy….

    There is the ‘Events’ guide (top tool bar, right side) which has events all over Ireland and hopefully some near you that you might like to head along to.

    Check our Kildare chat, (click on Mumstown chat, top left and scroll down to Kildare chat) some mums in Kildare had been talking about meeting for a cuppa some mornings, that might suit you now you only have the two at home.

    We hope you enjoy Mumstown and if you have any queries about using the site please let us know at info@mumstown.ie

    Happy chatting!


    Welcome to Mumstown Jaci! 😉

    Your hands are full! And yeah, I so hear you on the joys of being a SAHM…. granted I wouldn’t change it now for a thing, but after being so busy in the Corporate world, for so many years…. having a "indepth" conversation with a little person can be something of a challenge at times.

    Take the opportunity to try and come to some of the get togethers…. it is a good way to feel part of the adult world again, alongside people who know EXACTLY how you are feeling! xxx



    Due my third at end Jan and will have same as you then – just turned 4, 2 & baby. Am still working, but hubby works away a lot so at home I’m on my own a lot.

    EVERYONE feels like cracking up at some stage. You love them, but kids can do your head in. You gotta insist on some me time – for everyone’s sake. A walk, an hour for phoning friends, a visit to friends…. anything.

    If at all possible visit every playgroup in the area. Playgroup junkies stay balanced!!!! Identify & visit every park & playground within commuting distance. Have no shame in approaching every mammy you see & chatting – about anything (special offers in Tesco, a washing machine disaster….). Invite complete strangers for coffee! If in a town, put two in a buggy & do a circuit on the bus. Cheap (kids usually free) & keeps them occupied.

    EVERYONE is in the same boat. Seriously. The more mums you can moan to the better. Makes you realise you are normal. Also, if you can get a book called Babyproofing Your Marriage (whether you’re married or not). It is written proof that you are not cracking up. You’ll be in stitches! And you can dip in and out in short snatches.

    And don’t beat yourself up when you lose it with the kids – it happens. Walk away, take a deep breath & remember that they won’t be permently damaged for life just coz you swore at them for painting the wall with nutella…. No one is perfect!

    Good luck!


    Pookie2 – that’s hilarious!! Although, its magic marker instead of Nutella all over the (previously) lovely cream walls in our hall and landing area – although to be fair, what were we thinking painting them cream in the first place with 3 little adventurers on the loose! My poor hubby, I’m going to wreck his head now to paint it again…… 😆 😆


    My junior demolision expert is currently shredding the wallpaper in his room & on the landing. I think he is trying to tell me that Pooh is like so yesterday and to get with it mom and put up Bob….

    Chill or die, mommies of the world!! 😆

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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