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    hiya all
    i’m a first timer, joined today. i have a lovely son of 3mth and is my one and only (defo not planning to have any more (is that selfish?)). anyhow need adult conversation and to talk to like minded people. have no family here so it can get a bit lonely :(


    Hi bal, welcome to Mumstown.


    Hi bal, welcome

    nah its not selfish i have a near 8 yo and im defo not having anymore 🙂

    come join most of us on inane chat.


    Welcom Bal!!!
    Congrats on your ds!


    Hi Bal,

    Welcome too Mumstown.
    I was like that with my son when he was little actually up until about 2 months ago when i seem to just be so broody all the time!!
    i was set on NEVER having another baby, now i think hmm why not!!
    i wouldnt want my J growing up on his own, i think of how much i liked having my sister around on family holidays and that and it makes it all so much easier on makin that decision that i def dnt want J to be on his own all his life.

    however ur decision may be different too mine, just ensure he always has lots of friends, nothin worse that a lonely child.. 😀


    hiya and welcome, congrats on babs and eh no it’s not selfish you’ve just had a baby and perhaps the thoughts of another one right now is a now way hosey……

    but enjoy it here…


    just wanna say a quick thank you for making me feel welcome and i’m looking forward to posting 😀

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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