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    Hi there everyone,

    I am very new at this so new it takes me ages to work out the abbreviations :) I am a new stay at home mum I just had baby 6 weeks ago and spend most of my days now just staring at him. I am in Meath and would love to meet some new friends as not many of my friends are in the same position as me and the friends that are live in Dublin – so especially in this weather at the mo feel very far away. I would also be very interested in a mother and baby group in the area.


    Hey Lollypops!

    Welcome to Mumstown! I’m sure you’llget the hang of things very quickly, though having the time with a little one is also a challenge!
    Whereabouts are you in Meath? There are lots of chances for you to get to meet other mums…. this site has loads of them…. 😉 just depends on where you are….


    Hi lollypops

    welcome to mumstown, once you get the hang of it you will be addicted 😆

    you will meet loads of fab new people here!

    Congrats on your little boy 😀


    Hi Lollypops,

    Congrats on becoming a mum and welcome to Mumstown!

    There is lots going on you can get involved with through the site. Aside from the chat forums, there is an ‘ask the expert’ section where you can get advice on all sorts of topics, from legal, to pregnancy, to travel, to style to acupuncture to gardening and lots more!

    There is a weekly parent & baby swim in Meath at Bettystown Court Hotel. This takes place each Friday morning at 11am and there is tea/coffee afterwards at 12 o’clock. Some mums with small babies just come for the tea/coffee part and a yap which is absolutely fine.

    There is a parent & baby get together in Laurence Town Centre in Drogheda next Tuesday, Dec 7th. Its in the Bagel Bar from 10am-12 and is open to all parents. Parking is free and there are little nibbles and giveaways for parents & babies, its a great way to meet people.

    There is a parent & baby get together in Dundalk, in the Marshes centre next Thursday Dec 9th at the Bagel Bar from 10am, which is another lovely event with free nibbles and chat and giveaways.

    There is a weekly parent & toddler get together in the Solistce centre in Navan too, not sure what day thats on but there is a thread on it somewhere in meath chat

    There is a weekly parent & baby group in Duleek each wednesday, the contact for that is a mum called Olivia, if you are interested, I can PM you her number

    There is a new weekly get together in Ballyboughal at the Gourmet Food Parlour at the Grange, this will be on every Tuesday and that is a lovely place with a warm fire and quirky craft shop too.

    Hope you find that helpful, if you have any questions about anything over the coming weeks and months please ask, most first time mums get daunted in some ways and there are lots of mums on here who are happy to offer support and advice.

    welcome again and happy chatting. x


    Thanks Chewieodie, Blonde and Sabbi for the lovely welcome to Mumstown- Your so right it’s not as daunting as I thought it would be. Sorry for the late reply by the way between the little man and with the snow this week my husband was working from home so he commandeered the laptop. I am living in Kells so would love to meet people or join some clubs in the area.Thanks for all the info Sabbi on the events around Meath I am very interested about the swim club in Bettystown I so want Dylan to start swimming from an early age.
    Hopefully talk to ye all so,


    Hi there!

    really important to meet plenty of mums. Don’t know if you are breastfeeding or not, but there are weekly meetings in Dundalk (Costa’s in Marsches, Wed, 11ish????) & Drogheda for breastfeeding mums – & if lonely & not breastfeeding, pop in anyway. None of the mammy’s bite!!

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