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    Found it really difficult to get to sleep the past few nights as have horrible heartburn – have not had anything spicy and not eating large amounts so not sure why its so awful already at only 25 weeks!

    any suggestions for soothing it most welcome



    never once had heart burn on dd but as soon as i had her every spicey hot thing i ate i got it :evil:


    oh i remember that feeling, was the same on ds1 from very early on, i found a glass of milk before going to bed and i slept more upright, i used a V shaped pillow to prop myself up.


    Hi there,

    I had that for most of my two pregnancies. On the first, the doctor prescribed Zantac – I think I might have been over 28 weeks. Ask the doctor – no point in suffering. I know you can now buy a lower dose of Zantac over the counter. I did this on my last one – though Boots chemist will not sell it to a pregnant woman. Talk to the doctor though – you definately have to be past a certain stage in pregnancy.

    I used to drink the gaviscan directly out of the bottle. I also used to suck the rennies – that way they lasted longer.

    Poor you – it is horrible to live with and really affects your sleep.


    One of the signs that I was pregnant, was heartburn…. right from the very very outset…..
    Milk…. (and vanilla icecream…..)…..

    Mark Acu

    Hi Sabbi it’s a bit early to be suffering that way for sure there are a few pressure points you can try amongst others which you are probably already doing.

    Small amounts of food is really important but also often. Avoid the stomach becoming empty as it allows the acid to build up again. Try if you can to take a slice of ginger in warm water as you would lemon and warm water. Ginger is great at settling the stomach.

    You can massage the anti sickness point in the wrist I have attached a pic as to where it is. Note the point is between the two tendons when you wiggle your fingers you can feel them. Do it on both sides. You will probably notice one side more tender than the other that is normal.
    http://albanacupuncture.com/2009/02/09/ … d-hiccups/

    The second important point is between the 2nd and 3rd toe. You may need some assistance with this one. Massage the point and again one side will be more tender than the other.

    Take care

    As usual any other questions please feel free to give me a shout.


    Peppermint tea after all meals helps 😉


    When I was expecting dd, did not understand my pregnant friends when they were talking about heartburn and gaviscon. Never had even the begining of it.
    Then I was expecting ds few years later, it hit me. Then I knew what they were talking about 😥 😥 . No solutions, but when pg eating very often tiny amounts is always a good idea.
    The good thing is once the baby is in your arms you forget all the discomfort (big or small), otherwise woman will only have 1 child and refuse to go throu again, but we forget and we do it again 😆

    Did you try to sleep with a thick enough pillow for your upper body?

    Take care,


    Mark, I think I’ll just come see you and let you fix me 😀 😀

    That sounds like the best option!!

    Mark Acu

    At my post and ready to go 😀 😀


    Think I have shares in Gaviscon at this stage! Gives instant releif & one of the few things you can taks when pregnant! Good luck….


    Hi Sabbi,

    Combination C in the New Era Tissue Salts could be worth a try – for acidity, heartburn and indigestion.



    I was drinking bottles of gaviscon and then i was prescribed the zantac by the doc


    Hi sabbi,
    I found gaviscon really good and thought they were better than rennies. Also, I found almonds good. Hope youre getting some relief!

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