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    The past few days have been a nightmare, heartburn while pregnant, never experienced that before. What natural remedies have any of you ladies tried out? I don’t want to take anything from the chemist. I’m trying to watch what I eat now, that’s another thing I haven’t done before while pregnant :lol: to me being pregnant meant a free pass to all you can eat bufet :lol: Not funny tho as I’m one of those women that put on weight even by drinking plain water :lol:


    Oh I feel for you, I had this and it was a bloody nightmare!

    Milky products can counteract it, so youghurts, milk etc can help.

    Try to avoid acidic foods like oranges, orange juice and spicy food and eat small amounts of food rather than large meals. Its hard for your digestion to break down food when pregnant because your body is already doing so much – so try to eat little lunches & dinners and stagger meals out

    I used to eat half my dinner and then save the rest for later on. That helped a little.

    Lots of water too and eat slowly. chew as much as possible before swallowing, to help the food go down easier.



    Hi there,

    I had this on both my pregnancies started around the same time and lasted until baby was born. I suffer from reflux anyway – so felt awful. I drank lots of milk to no effect. Drank the liquid Gaviscan out of the bottle. I even tried sucking Rennie very slowly rather than chewing.

    I spoke to the consultant at about 28 – 30 weeks. She advised that baby was fully developed at that stage and that it was ok to take something – there was no point in suffering. She prescribed Zantec. Which worked immediately.

    Now, you can buy Zantec over the counter – it is a lower dose but will give you a good 12hour plus relief.


    Gaviscon & Rennie will do no harm – no point suffering. You’re body needs the sleep. Not familiar with the other one mentioned


    Gaviscon & Rennie will do no harm – no point suffering. You’re body needs the sleep. Not familiar with the other one mentioned


    My doctor told me to take Zantec as well as I had very bad heartburn, I found it helped too.

    in the chemist they wont sell it to a pregnant woman but if your doctor says you can have it get someone else to buy it for you otherwise if the doctor writes a prescription for it for you it will cost you more.


    I had this really bad too, nothing helped, i was sleeping sitting up, drinking Gaviscon by the neck, it got so bad i could hardly eat or drink anything, not even tea. Consultant gave me a prescription in the end, it was a life saver, i was miserable beforehand. Dont put yourself through it if you dont have too.


    Thank you ladies for all the suggestions. I have managed to make it better by eating less at a time and avoiding certain foods, I hope it won’t happen again 😕

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