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    Our little toddler was coughing a lot during the night and looks really off today. Just gave her bath to freshen her up and get her into pj’s and she feel asleep as I was dressing her!

    Normally she’s all over the place, playing and laughing when I’m trying to dress her so it was really strange to see her subdued like that.

    The poor little lamb just couldn’t stay awake – she upstairs now, has a bit of a temp but sleeping peacefully. Could be in for a long night tonight…

    Wish I could take it off her. :cry:


    hi sabbi,michelle here. Tell me about it. My son is now sick too, he has a kidney infection that was caused by a viral infection from his throat and has stomatatis which is blisters inside and outside his mouth. Poor thing has to have his food pureed as he can’t eat or chew. Also had temp but gone. Haven’t a clue where all this came from. Hope ur little one gets better soon.When my children get that temp and coughing, i steam them in the bathroom(for the cough),its great.For temp, i think the best thing is calpol.


    ouch liverbird sounds painful for the wee lad hope he’s feeling better
    and your litte one too sabbi
    both mine have colds at the minute too but in good form, E2 though is teething aswell as cold and had me up half the night – felt soo sorry for her poor mite


    i hate it to, my lo stoppped eating had at docs has bad sore throat, lo has never been so clean camt wait for all da dirty clothes.


    Know the feeling! our little man had the vomitting bug and we ended up over in Causalty with him as he was dehydrated. They tried for ages to get a line for a drip and I really wanted to swap places with him. Poor little fella. Now on antibiotic for chest in fection and tonsilitis. 🙁 There’s nothing worse than not being able to take it off them.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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