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    anyone know were to go about getting a hearing test done for a 5 and half year old?


    Would you not get referred by your GP?

    My DS has a hearing test done every 6 months or so, due to the damage done to his ears as a result of chickenpox… 🙁
    So, we need to go to Temple Street to the ENT clinic there….


    I had to bring my daughter when she was a few months old to a place called deaf hear in Dublin,their website is deafhear.ie they were very nice & you just give a donation (if you want) for the test.Im not sure if they just do tests on babys or not.Our consultant in Temple Street told us to go there as we would be waiting ages to see someone in the hospital.

    I hope your childs hearing turns out to be fine


    Your Public Health nurse can refer you.


    thanks girls ended up bringing her the doctor and there was a bead stuck in her ear it was in there for months she kept complaining of her ear being blocked and every time i looked in i could not see anything in there o my god kids i thought she was going deaf 😳


    Thats great that you got her sorted.kids really do like putting things in their mouths,ears & noses!


    Little scamp….why do they stick things in odd places like that??

    My sister once stuck a miniature snooker ball up her nose, she had to go to A&E to get it out!!!

    My 3 year old swallowed a coin too – she almost choked on it and then, she swallowed it right down. You could see it clear as day on the x-ray.

    Makes you wonder why they do these things….


    i hope it scared her not to it again she never told me it was there!


    The Public health nurse will refer you if needed, but thank God it was just a bead, my nephew was just like that lego bits in his ear and nose!!!

    The health clinic in Dundalk have a state of the Art hearing centre, it tests brain waves from the ears to the brain, very high tech, i got such a shock as i was thinking it would be shake a rattler behind the child 😆 😆 😆

    Chewodie thats terrible, i didnt know chicken pox can cause hearing damage!! I know my cousin is deaf due to measles as a child, but that was years ago before the MMR vaccine.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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