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    Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy

    Although some women are anxious about weight gain during pregnancy it is unavoidable and necessary for the development of the baby. Eating a healthy, balanced diet and resisting temptations and cravings will prevent gaining excessive weight. Also, if you decide to breastfeed your body will use extra energy accumulated during pregnancy thus getting your body back in shape quicker.

    Diet During Pregnancy:
    There’s no huge difference between the diet before and during pregnancy. A variety of healthy foods and snacks is what you need whether you are expecting or not. It should be rich in vitamins and minerals. It should also include ingredients that will help you deal with pregnancy related issues (fibre to prevent constipation, iron rich foods to keep the iron levels up etc).

    In the first trimester calorie intake should not change. In the second and third trimester it should increase by 300kcal. You might need about 50 to 100% more vitamins and minerals at this time. This means that you should avoid foods that are high in calories and have little nutritional value and choose the ones that will nourish you and your baby.

    Keeping an eye on what you eat during pregnancy will help to keep your body weight at a healthy level.
    There are a lot of websites offering ‘pregnancy weight gain calculators’. It is worth using oneto have an idea of how much weight you should gain. Remember though, these are only guidelines and it is always best to discuss your concerns with your G.P., midwife or dietitian. Everyone is different and healthcare professionals will be able to advise on what would be a ‘normal’ and healthy weight gain for you.

    As a guideline: BMI pre-pregnancy <19.8; pregnancy weight gain should be between 12.5-18kg (around 2-2.8stone) BMI pre-pregnancy 19.8-26; pregnancy weight gain should be between 11.5-16kg (around 1.8-2.5stone) BMI pre pregnancy 26-29; pregnancy weight gain should be between 7-11.5kg (around 1.1-1.8stone) BMI pre-pregnancy >29; pregnancy weight gain should be between 6-7kg (around 0.95-1.1stone)

    Keep in mind that these values change if you are carrying multiples.

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    I think its important to stay active when pregnant. On my first baby I was bit lazy, in fairness I was still working full time but I definitely overate and indulged more than I should have and I regretted it so much after baby was born and I had lots of weight to shift!!!

    I learned from that and was more active on my other pregnancies and did not have as much weight to lose after those,

    its hard to resist certain things while pregnant but its even harder to shift excess baby weight after birth!!!

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