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    Hi there,

    My sons school have a healthy lunch policy. They like you to provide one fruit and one veg per day. They would also like any food for the juniors peeled, chopped and ready to eat in the allocated 10 mins.

    My problem is this – if I peel and chop apples, pears, etc – how can I store them so that they do not turn brown(and then will not be ate). I can manage the oranges in tin foil.

    Also, any ideas for healthy lunches. 4yr old is fussy on sambos – we can have ham, coleslaw(must be the right one) or honey.



    jack like cold past with mayo and tuna with sweetcorn . with crackers,wraps or just in tubawear tub xxx


    i think you have to put lemon juice on to stop going brown…but i have always cut up & peeled my DS apples & pears & just put in plastic pot cover with clingfilm & even if he doesnt eat them & brings home they are still ok not lemon juice & he is a fussy one will not eat if they have brown bits on..


    oh cream cheese & grape sandwiches are a favourite with my DS…


    lunchboxes….what a quandary!!

    We do sandwiches most days but to shake it up a bit every so often, we do wraps too. I buy low fat wraps and put sliver of mayo with chicken, cheese or ham and some lettuce in them. I make the sandwiches/wraps the night before but do the fruit & veg in the mornings.

    For fruit & veg, our kids love oranges sliced, grapes (whole for the 8 & 6 year old, halved for the 4 year old), bananas, carrot sticks, strawberries or apples (I chop the apples and put into an airtight container in the morning and they seem to still be ok by lunchtime)

    We give them two crackers as well, for their small break. Sometimes give cream crackers, sometimes tuc crackers.

    Started off giving yoghurts but they always came home with bits of dried in smelly yoghurt in their lunchboxes, so we’ve stopped giving them!

    My kids say some of their classmates have pasta – if anyone has recipe for lunchbox pastas please share, would like to try that but not sure if they would like it when its cold? How do parents do that I wonder?

    Hope that helps. 😀


    sabbi i never thought of giving dd1 Pasta both of mine will eat pasta straight from the fridge – don’t know how it happened – think gave dd2 some cold while waiting to prepare dinner and dd1 looked for some – great as a snack
    this is dd1’s first full week and she’s not eating half of what we give her 🙄 probably too busy talking – then devours it the minute she gets home
    We’re giving her – grapes/strawberries for her fruit break,
    then a mini yoghurt, sandwich(only 1 round of bread) and a cheese string/babybel


    Hi there girls,
    if the little ones arent eating the bread, i always remember my mam giving us little chunks of cheese with grapes in a tub.
    then my favourite of all time, was pasta with tuna, mayonaisse and sweetcorn, or you can swap the tuna with chicken if they’re not fish eaters. my friends still say it to me to this day. . . ‘remember you always had fancy lunches??’ heehee.
    just let ur pasta coolbefore adding the rest :o)


    I was gonna say the same about pasta, tuna and sweetcorn or chicken instead. Another one is to hard boil a few eggs the night before and then peel them and put them in a plastic container. The swedish wholemeal krisp rolls are great for them to put a triangle of cheese onto as well.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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