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    I would like to introduce you to Ireland’s first four star weight loss holiday camps which adopt a holistic approach to weight loss and increased fitness, with the help of registered dieticians, passionate psychotherapists and personal trainers.

    The camps include psychotherapy sessions, diet and nutrition classes with practical workshops and a range of activities and exercises designed to suit different fitness levels. To learn more about our team, which includes our dieticians (Aveen Bannon and Orla Walsh), psychotherapists (Carmel Farnan) and a number of personal trainers (Anthony Lynch & Fiona Marsh).

    The overall objective is to educate campers and equip them with the tools necessary to maintain a long term healthy balanced lifestyle and eradicate the cyclical fad diets and recurring weight gain that so many people experience. Our long term support which includes online food/exercise diaries and regular catch up meetings, will ensure that HealthSmart participants achieve their long terms goals.

    Delighted to offer all Mumstown members discounted rate on our weeklong or weekend camps

    You can PM for more details

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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