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    This is a tale of what our health workers cope with hour in, hour out, what a remarkable job they do and how grateful I, personally am to them. All of what follows was undertaken by people facing swingeing pay cuts in the New Year and my hat goes off to them for how they still go about thei jobs in the face of that. i’m not making this a political post, there’s a Budget thread already tacklinng that. I’m just sharing this experience and thinking about the people behind the statistics and appreciating and recognising in some small way what they did.
    Well ladies, my non-apperance at last night’s do was due to the horror of ds near choking to death 8am yest. But for having a friend and neighbour there with me at the time to stem the panic and call the ambulance, I dunno ifhe or I would’ve survived. My wild, crazy ferocious but utterly adorable little boy was dieing infront of me as he couldn’t breathe, something was stuck in his throat and we couldn’t move it for about a minute and a half of sheer terror. Eventually it shifted, thanks to a combination of back slapping, hand down throat and semi-heimlich manouevre, but down, not out.
    But the ambulance crew whisked us off to OLOL nonetheless where we were treated quickly, kindly and courteously without. Even the radiology team who had to compete with trying to pin down a Tasmanian Devil to get 2 shots were nothing but jollity. Then sped down to Temple Street, accompanied by a nurse and crew without the support of whom I’d have been in full on hysteria mode. Straight in at Temple Street, Dr Killian ? so thorough and kind throughout. More x rays, more reassurance and smiles. Down to theatre to check nothing trapped in his lung and back to the ward with a by this time furious whirling dervish seeing fit to tear the cannula out of his hand sending blood spurting all over himself, dh, me and 2 nurses both of whom just soothed and consoled, never complained.
    They were brilliant to a man, and thankfully now all is well.
    PS A very special thanks also to Sabbi, the cavalry arriving at hosp with coffee and warm clothes, Karen who arrived after and sat with me and brought me supplies and CianKayla who took dd off my hands completely all day. Cheers a mill guys. Am v humbled by what you all did.


    You poor thing….. it must have been so frightening………..
    Thank God, he is now okay…. and of course to all those "heroes" who came to your aid….

    *** hugs ***


    You poor thing
    Great to hear all is alrght
    What a fright

    HEROES – THIS HAPPENS EVERY DAY…………………………………… and all se hear is the negatitive ones……….


    hjs, so glad to hear little man is ok……my heart skipped a beat when i heard this yesterday, so glad all is ok……here’s to miracles….and heros too…



    hear hear…..we forget what these people do on a day to day basis because we mightn’t ever need them – but in time of need they can and do do wonderful things to make your life a little more stress free – even though ou probably want to scream at them to stop telling you that things are going to be ok and just to make it ok and make it go back to before the incident!!!

    i too had the unfortunate visit to the A & E in OLOL a few weeks back when DS1 tripped and fell in the bathroom – split his top lip open….nothing as serious as HJS and i’m glad to hear that things are going well, but none the less, ambulance crew were very nice as was all the staff at the hospital – even though DS wouldn’t keep still for the injections and then stitches, they still kept it together and reasurred the poor fella……..thankfully all is back to normal know!

    so take the time out to think of all the staff in the emergency services and know that should you ever need them – please god never – they will be there as a support to help calm you and that they will take good care of you!!!

    i have to say staff in Temple Street have always been good to me too…..DS1 had to attend for Juvenile Arthritis and DS2 went in a couple of times too……both times great service – so hats off to you all and thank you for making it that a bit easier in a stressful time!!!

    HJS hope all is going well with you and family and thinking of you all in getting over the shock!!! take care……….


    OMG…… That is shocking! 😯 😯 😯 Thank God it moved, God im in Shock reading this, chills going down my spine!!!! it will take you weeks or copious amouts of vino to blot this from your mind 😯 😯 😯

    Sabbi you are a wonderwoman 😛 😛 😛


    You must have gotten an awfull fright.

    I too had to attend A&E 2 weeks ago and to see some nut jobs that come in and how the staff are treated are terrible but they just get on with there job. i was kept for the week and the nurses were great when i needed them.

    My dd attends temple street eye clinic sincce she was 2yrs and again the times when they had to hold her down to put drops in when she is kicking them.( where they get the strenght from ) 😳


    Twice glad.
    First glad to hear that your son is ok, after major panic.
    Second glad to hear all the nice stories about hospital staff.
    I also had to visit various hosp and ICU, and I always said that the care here in Ireland is second to none (I’m french) in case of emergencies.

    And I’ve been asked if I wished I was in France when some of us were really not well, and the answer is always NO.

    The staff and the care is great, they give all they can, they deal with the disease/accident but also with the patient and family emotions.
    Don’t count the number of times were staff had to take care of me because I couldn’t deal with my children sickness. They did it with all their love and care.

    And oh YES they deserve more than they get at the end of each month, but that’s a differnet battle…

    Talk soon,


    Little update for you…

    Yesterday, not a bother on him, running round like a mad thing all day, never better. Today, equally fine form, but has developed a little sniffle and so has taken the now v unsual course of action of grabbing a lunchtime kip. He gathered a blanket, his essential friends (SpongeBob, Light-Up-Antlers moose, moose, P(l)ablo, Tyrone and Rasher (little toy pig)), loaded his wonder wagon up with himself plus all of the above and is now curled up asleep dreaming away in it! Pics to follow on fb!

    Today could’ve all been so different but for everyone on Fri. very grateful


    Thank God… .i just did a childrens first Aid, have to say it was brilliant and highly recommend it


    How frightening for you glad to hear everything turned out ok and you received such great service


    Yikes how scary, god it just goes to show it can happen to any one at any time at any age..

    So glad you received good care, its nice to hear a positive hospital story for once..


    Oh my God hjs…you poor thing. I have to say that would be my worst nightmare. I hope he and you are recovering well. xxx


    so glad to hear he’s doing ok now. we were so worried about you all when we heard about it.

    big hugs to you and your family.


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