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    James Reilly has said we should stop drinking at home and go to the pub if we want a few drinks.

    I am not a big drinker but I do like the odd half glass of beer or few glasses of wine at home on a Friday night. We work hard all week and when the kids go to bed or if we are having a BBQ, we might have a few drinks at home and I don’t see what’s wrong with that. We usually have activities for our children on Saturday’s like football and swimming so we would only have a couple of drinks as we are up early most mornings so its not like we are having mad drinking sessions here!

    Saying we should go to the pub is not practical. For starters, a bottle of beer or glass of wine in a pub is around 5 euro each but at home, I can buy a bottle of wine for 8 or 9 euros and a 6 pack of beers for 10 euro.

    Then there is the transport situation. Why should we pay for a taxi when we can stay home and let the children play in their own environment with their friends if we are having a glass of wine or two?

    Also, am I really supposed to bring my 4 children to the pub with me? Pubs are not really good places or children. Its ok occasionally if you are having a bite to eat but I would not go to the pub with my children for a few drinks. They would be bored and I would be stressed with them running around and that defeats the point of having a relaxing glass of wine in the first place!!

    I wonder if he was in a pub and perhaps a little bit drunk when he made these comments (either that, or he is an idiot!)


    I totally agree with you! It is nice to sit at home and relax and the kids have something to do to keep them amused. Once it is not all the time i.e. every night and we are setting the example about drinking in moderation.

    In saying that, it is nice to get out occassionally too, although with the prices of taxis/babysitters etc. it is hard to get out with husbands / partners!


    If we get a chance to get to the pub for a drink we like to go without the kids!!! Not that we get that chance very often! 😀


    it would be very rare nowadays that we get out at night time to the pub – we did get out in May for our anniversary – and i was in the west & the marniers for the first time (i’m living in duleek 9years 😆 😆 )
    But no i wouldn’t bring the kids – we do have a glass of wine or a bulmers etc at home most likely on a friday or saturday night or if we’ve friends over but only time kids would be in pub with us is on holidays or for a family occassion and at that it would usually involve a meal 😉


    i can’t stand James Reilly but to be fair, I think that this was said in the context of over drinking and i think that its a valid enough point. as you say yourself, the price of drink in supermarkets is much cheaper and the availability means that its now much easier to slip into over indulging. i know myself there could be weeks when id have a glass of wine every night sitting in front of the tv just because the bottle is in the fridge 😉 and i dont think he suggested bringing kids to the pub at all.


    He suggested we as a nation, go to the pub more rather than drink at home but as someone with small children, this is not an option for me. I don’t think he said bring kids to the pub but as a parent, if he is saying go to the pub, I have to consider the fact that I have children and that ‘going off to the pub’ is not an option I can do easily or, can afford for that matter!

    I would have a few glasses of wine on a Friday or Saturday night and that would usually be it. If there was a very hot Sunday, might have one in the back garden if we are doing a BBQ but it is not a regular thing.

    I think his remarks just goes to show that our government is out of touch with reality – again.

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