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    I am looking for health insurance for me , my parnter and our baby and am trying to compare "plans" buts it like trying to understand double dutch!!with all the different plans!!an vhi have just jacked up their prices!!Am wondering if its worth it!my partner says save the money we would spend on health insurance and then use it for health emergancies!?!?Does anyone have a good plan which is comprehensive and has maternity cover(As planning another hopefully!) and help point me in the right direction!!!PLEASE!


    was with VHI for the first few years & while they were great their prices just got too outragous so did a lot of shopping around. Am now with Aviva, my brother in law would do a lot of work with various health companys & advised they are the fastest growing health provider in the country & are very efficient. Am with them about 18 months now, had a very serious accident about 11 months ago with huge expense in private hospitals & rehabilitation all which was covered without quibble from Aviva & i wasn’t even with them a year when all this started.
    VHI have since been sending numerous letters offering cheaper deals by taking off what they call "unnecessary" items that you may not need until you are older??? you can be sure it is they thing they remove from your policy is the very thing you’ll need first.
    Am now due baby no 2 and the maternity cover with Aviva is slightly better than VHI if you’re planning a home birth & a few others but you’d need to read the fine print to see exactly the differences.
    Hope this helps!


    Forgot to say Aviva paid out over €8,000 in medical bills for me last year. Not the kind of money we’d have lying around if we didn’t have health insurance. It’s only now I appreciate how easy accidents can happen & would now not be without health insurance for love nor money


    hi it can be confusing… im with Quinn and never any trouble putting in claims for gp costs etc.
    I just cut to the bare basic cover with Quinn private bed in public hospital and no gp costs covered, got cover for 840e (only 420 per Adult and kids under 12 Free) We do now have an excess of 250e but as Waffy said 8k is some bill to pay if you didnt have the private cover, Quinn and Aviva do DD so you could have cover for all the family for as little as 20e a week
    Good luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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