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    Have got quote down from E2951 to E2600 with VHI but won’t manage that … no chance…That’s more than doubled in two years…. Going blind looking at HIA website…

    Apart from the day-to-day stuff, is it worth having health insurance for kids or will they just endup in one of the public hospitals anyway? He uses the northern system. We’ve claimed back births & GP fees over the last few years but nothing else…

    Any words of wisdom??


    HI Pookie – it’s mind boggling alright – i found VHI very unhelpful this yr and they refused point blank to reduce the policy in any way – i’m with them since i was a child, my hubby last 8yrs and then the kids. In the end we switched to Laya and just have the min policy. VHI weren’t any help at all in advising us what polciy to go for our options etc – which i found very unusual . My sister is with Laya a while now and has had no problems.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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