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    I’m looking for some feedback from people on this topic. I am trying to raise my profile in the Louth area in the Health/Wellness Industry. My main passion is working with clinical populations and I hope to run local seminars on topics such as Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease and other detrimental illness which can be pevented through the implemation of a healthy active lifestyle. These seminars will be open to the public highlighting and raising awarness of the rise in these illness which were once known only to be present in older adults but as we all know, worringly they are been seen in our children. Can people tell me if this is something that would interest them??
    Love to hear your feedback and comments :)


    Hi Larissa

    I think it would be a good idea.

    Part of my reason for doing the operation transformation is to re-educate myself for a healthier lifestyle, starting with food and then exercise. I am a chocoholic, and quite worryingly I noticed the kids were picking up on my habits and ditching the fruit etc. So I am trying my hardest to suceed with this, and then i want to pass this back onto the kids.

    So if there would be seminars, it would give people more information of what damage us parents are passing on to our children and how we can change this.

    Hope that makes sense!


    I too think this would be a great idea… like Trixie said, I want a healthier lifestyle and pass good habits onto my children.

    I had gestational diabetes on both my pregnancies and am high risk now later in life and I want to minimise this risk as much as I possibly can.


    Thanks a mil for that. I agree totally that there needs to be an educational approach particularly for parents at the end of the day they will influence what their children do. As you probably aware changing behaviour is a tough task and is not a quick fix people need to realise that when you change your lifestyle its a long term approach that is needed and hopefully this can lead to adherence and maintainence to a healthy lifestyle. I hope you do really well and try not to focus too much on the weight loss but more on the long term effects of what you are doing- improving your health and reducing the likely hood of diabetes and cardiovascular disease 😀


    Yvonne i think its great that you are addressing your situation and due to this you CAN decrease the liklihood of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. If you ever have any questions in relation to health and wellness feel free to ask me I’d love to share my knowledge with people who want to change their health behaviours.


    We got a letter home from my son’s school yesterday about the ‘Food dudes’ programme where the kids get a different piece of fruit to try daily and if they taste it, they get a prize or sticker.

    It sounds like a good idea to get them to taste things they might normally say no to but its only short term, it should be ongoing I reckon!

    But really its up to parents to lead by example, which can be hard at times.

    I guess this is why there is a bunch of us doing Op trans!!


    Well done to u all on Op Trans and keep up the great work!!! i too got the letter home, but as its only short-term it wont necessarily change behaviour long-term. One problem I have with these initiatives is that while they bring these new ideas they dont look at the lack of physical activity in our kids. P.E is NOT compulsory in schools the guidelines for physical activity for children is 60 mins per day, some schools dont even have P.E!! On a positive note the FOOD DUDES is welcome but needs to be longer in order to evaluate the sucess of it.


    hey Laura!

    Just pm’d u!


    Hi H,
    Just replied 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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