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    a woman i work with has told me about a headlice preventor spray called nitty gritty….just wondering if any of ye have heard of it or know where i might pick it up in droghrda????…..she reckons its great and has used it on her boys every day and they havent picked up lice even when classmates have it….its an aromatherapy blend of oils


    tea tree oil is brilliant.. a few drops in your regular shampoo and conditioner and a dab behind the ears in the morning works a treat and a fraction of the cost of the nitty gritty stuff


    Nitty Gritty is brilliant, we have been using it on our 3 children since last October and have had no recurrance of headlice sinceand it has been rampant in their school during that time.

    You can buy it from their website http://nittygritty.co.uk/site/home.asp or in pharmacies, I know Boots does it for sure, I bought a bottle there last year.

    Nitty Gritty had an offer on for Mumstown members over the summer where you could get their lice comb for 5.99 with P&P, all you had to do was enter promo code MUMSTOWN to get the discount. worth a go if you need the comb, its very handy to have and has rounded ends, so it does not hurt their heads like other combs we’ve tried.

    Check out their website, its very informative. We highly recommend them, best headlice prevention & extinction products we have used.

    Our 3 kids all got headlice last October, the day before their sisters christening when we had family coming to stay and it was a total nightmare. We plait the girls hair and spray all their heads each morning now to keep them away. Plaiting the hair tight helps them getting it too.

    HTH 🙂


    The repellent spray lasts for ages, we got a few months out of 1 bottle on 3 heads so its worth the spend. I cannot go through that again, headlice is horrific to get rid of. yuk!!


    i use a detangle spray and add a few drops of tea tree oil in it – and both girls hairs are tied back every morning – so far so good – the thougts of the little creaturs makes my skin crawl


    There is a special place reserved in Hell…. just for headlice…. I am convinced of it! We’ve been so lucky…. made it through years of creche, and a few years of school, despite frequent outbreaks… and didn’t get it….

    there I was… checking before spraying the detangling spray… (as I’d heard of that being a deterrant)…. and there were the little sods on my son’s hair. IMMEDIATE panic… this woman who is known for being able to handle crisis pretty well…. became a blithering idiot….
    husband was immediately dispatched for a batch of the solution…
    son was immediately "buzz cut" with the hair shaver…. and then banished to the ensuite whilst I gathered myself together to "DEAL" with it all….
    So…. solution, combing, shampooing with teatree drowned shampoo, and then combing again with conditioner… resulted in hopeful resolution. And just to make sure…. husband was dispatched again, just to get the electronic comb for 100% peace of mind. PLUS, I wasn’t able to "treat" Rapunzel as I couldn’t see any little sods on her hair…. so, I wanted the electronic comb just in case.

    My poor children have been subjected to combing about 3 or 4 times a day… just because their mother is neurotic…. and everything with material in this house has been washed and dried…. yes, I’m neurotic that way too….
    and then YESTERDAY…. I think I discovered 3 little eggs on Rapunzel…. NOT HAPPY!!!!…. yet nothing else…

    Husband was dispatched once again…. and told to not enter the premises without the Nitty Gritty comb. WHY didn’t I get it in the first place??? I am kicking myself that I forked out a small fortune on everything else…. Last night poor kids were subjected to dousing in conditioner, and a comb through with Nitty Gritty. It is PHENOMENAL…. it gets EVERYTHING… even friggin’ dandruff…. it is my new best friend. You can keep everything else. This does the business. Nothing else gets the eggs… but this DOES!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 I am breathing again…. just checked through both of them… and not a little 😈 in sight….

    So… back to teatree oil for me…. when I used that on them every day, I didn’t have an issue…. and I’ll comb through their hair with nitty gritty….
    When I think of the amount I forked out for everything else!!! Their hair is so fine that it just slips through the teeth in the other combs… but not this one! It is genius!


    Nitty Gritty Chewie! Its the best by far. There is headlice in all our children’s classes and so far, we have avoided it completely. We have not had a recurrence since we started using the Nitty Gritty repellent last November.

    I just cannot recommend it highly enough – I even dropped some into the teachers in the school and they are using it themselves now as well.

    Its so fab!


    MUST get the deterrant…. on my "to-do" list…..
    If it is anything like the comb… quite frankly…. I’m happy to shout it from the roof-tops! And no hideous chemicals either….
    little 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 hideous creatures…..


    Chewi did the electric comb not kill them? 😯 Please dont tell me that!! 😯
    ps. i scratching away here!!
    Also wash soft toys, pillows etc on a 60 degree wash


    Taylor, the electric comb kills them when they are at the "running about" stage…. so it will detect and zap…
    But NO, it doesn’t get the eggs…. thats why you have to keep combing through with the comb…. so that when the eggs hatch, you zap the little 😈 😈 ….. 😉

    The only thing that takes out everything is the Nitty Gritty comb. Its pretty genius the way it is designed…. instead of the normal "teeth" that the normal nit combs have… they are much longer, and they are "spiralled"… so the little 😈 get caught up in there and don’t slide down the teeth… especially if the hair is fine. My DD has hair like silk…. and the others literally slide through her hair…. but the Nitty Gritty caught the little eggs….(literally 3 of them) 😀 So, I’ve managed to sort her out before there was anything that hatched…. 😀 😀 😀 😀 (and trust me, with hair down to her bum…. its the last thing I need)!


    And the Nitty Gritty comb is rounded at the ends so does not scratch their heads. we had 3 other combs before we came across this one, their poor little heads were in bits by the time we got to this one!

    I hardly ever use this word but I actually do HATE headlice.

    I could cope with vomiting bugs, chickenpox, colds and a whole manner of illnesses but this was the one that nearly pushed me over the edge. By day 3, with 3 children swarming, I actually cried. it was so awful. We take every precaution to avoid them now as much as we can.



    Where did you buy the nitty gritty comb and how much? Is your electric comb the boots one or another brand, my is marketed that it zaps nits and lice…. mine have never had head lice but if it doesnt work im bringing it back lol

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