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    We have had this on & off for the last 3yrs.

    We have tried every lotion / potion / old wife’s tales / hemopath concotions, i even tried not washing hair for 2 weeks … it still comes back Conditioner. / Tea Tree etc……………………………………………………………………………….

    The chemist i even got stuff from America / England – we have invested a lot in to this…..
    We are desperate , my darling daughter wants long hair she is only 7 it is so on far … nobody else gets it only her… even our hairdresser has never seen anything like it…

    Even got her Medical checked – dr laughted at us…



    unfortunatly this is just a fact of life, is she in school?? if so then if kids arent being treated then your dd will more than likely get reinfested!!!
    i dont have any advise on what to do as ds only had them once and it was sorted with that shampoo stuff.

    i suppose just keep doing what your doing and talk to the school (if applicable)


    i know not much help as never been there – yet – dd only 2
    I’ve been told to use Tea Tree shampoo on her hair, have heard of others who put a drop of tea tree oil into a jug of water for last rinse so it stays on hair. Have also been told to keep hair up in pony tail or bun
    Good luck


    nasty little buggers they are, oh god love you and your dd to have to get her hair checked and potions put on…..maybe they like her coz she’s real clean…..

    i know alot of people think it’s coz child is dirty but it’s coz child is lovely and clean…..touch wood my ds hasn’t got them yet, but check his hair often….

    really the only thing is to keep her hair up and keep doing what you’re doing…..hopefully they’ll bugger off…. 🙂


    Lice isn’t something someone is born with ( i really don’t think) You need to find the core of the problem. Where is this coming from that your daughter is getting re-infested!! School?? Friends house..certain children she plays with? I’m pretty sure it must be school. You need to go talk with the school to have a check because this must be very hard to be putting up with over and over!

    Good Luck and hopefully you get this sorted out.


    thats awfull haveing to deal with it again and again, your poor daughter…. 🙁 haven’t had to deal with that yet, dd just started school last sept so always on the look out! think there is repellent shampoo you can get, but you have probably used that already judging by the amount of products you have tried.


    Hi all,

    I buy organic tea tree essential oil and add it to a very basic shampoo – something like Elave that has no added nasty chemicals or perfumes or colours etc. Basicall y the least fussy, smelly shampoo I can find and I add a good few drops of oil into it.

    I find that the actual tea tree oil shampoo I make up myself, using the strong essential oil, keeps the head lice away. I also add a drop or two to the kids baths for good measure!

    Ifind the oil works better than any pre-made up tea tree shampoo you can buy. There is something in it which repels the head lice.

    It’s working for us so far – fingers crossed I haven’t just jinxed us!!!

    Good luck,


    Give me mice anyday!!! I would have a nervous breakdown if my dd got them and i know one of these days she will!!! She will be straight into the car with a pair of knickers over her head and down to nana’s! I wont even get out of the car she’s on her own till she is nit free 😆 😆 😆 I absolutely hate the very thought of them!! I had them when I was a child and I still get itchy when I even think about them! My thoughts and sympathys are with you!! Best of luck and if you do find a remedy that works let me know because nothing ever worked for me and my long hair when i was a kid!!! UUUUUURrrrrrgh itchy all over now!



    organic tea tree essential oil – I plan to use this as soon as i get rid of these eggs , i have never seen so many eggs.. It is yuck…

    I spoke to the school , all they is send out a letter and hope parents will check their dd.

    Thanks For The Advice



    some solace for you all is that head lice only go onto clean heads! so at least we know we are washing our kids well!!!

    I’ll never forget having to comb them out of my sons head, it was disgusting. although I reckon it was worse for me than for him!!

    Since we started using the oil the little buggars have not come back once. It cost me about 8 euro for the bottle of organic tea tree oil and I’m still using the same bottle of oil I got almost two years ago.

    I just put a few drops into each bottle of shampoo I buy. Easy peasy!

    talk about value for money!!


    Hi. I know you said that you have tried many different lotions and potions. Just wondering have you tried vinegar? Warm vingegar applied to the hair helps to get rid of them. Also keep dipping the comb into the warm vinegar when combing through the hair.
    The cheapest white vinegar will do.



    Will try that


    as some one said earlier they only go in to clean heads so a spray of hair spray or gel /wax in the kids hair also stops them … there is a problem in my ds class we even got note home on the first day back after christmas that they had an outbreak 😥


    i remember my mam using mayonase on our hair it smothers them and kills them ..i had to do dds hair for the first time before xmas got rid of them straight away 👿 but she was delighted with herself cos she had them 😆


    When I worked in a chemist we woudl have mothers in every day with kids with head lice.

    to prevent
    Long hair tie back
    wear hats if allowed (baseball caps are great)
    Add a few drops of tea tree oil into your regular shampoo
    Every morning put a dab of tea tree oil behind the ears (this is the area fleas are attracted too asits warm and cosy)

    When treating:
    Go to chemist and get advice on which to use (full marks is brilliant)
    If child has asthma only a limited amount of products can be used
    wash all teddy bears, hats, pillows etc…
    Treat the whole family… mammy and daddy included
    Encourage the schooll to send letters to all parents, if one parent doesnt treat their child ("my child doesnt have nits") the whole cycle of spreading will start over again.

    I swear by the tea tree in shampoo and behind the ears, hair tied up and hats

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