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    Mummy5 thats the problem, all you need is one parent who has the attutide "not my little mary, she doesnt have lice!" to reinfest the whole class again…
    I had one woman come into the chemist with her kids, she came in to buy for herself and while there another parent from the school was in buying head lice products…. the first mum was oh mine dont have lice, well i dont know what im looking for etc.. so one of the girls offered to check the childs hair for her and the childs head was WALKING WITH LICE! :shock: :shock: :shock: Dont know how she missed them you could see the crawling from about 10ft (thats as close as i got to them :lol: :lol: :lol: )
    This woman is a well know Drogheda business woman and a regular in the social pages and the charity fund raisers at the Golf club :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I think some people still think its a class thing and you have to be in the lower classes to get head lice, not the upper middle folk…. Sorry lice arent that fussy :roll:

    We had the note from school last week too (but i knew there was lice from the week before as i heard 2 parents talking about a child with lice, i did tip off a few mums on here with kids in junior infants)
    I got the head lice comb in boots 27 euro, bryanstown chemist and im sure Stacks in Bettystown would have them too…. so easy to use, just run the comb through the if it stops beeping it has found an egg or a lice, it zaps and kills the lice and continue for 2 weeks to kill the eggs…… it might be a large outlay, but if you add up the price of 2 or 3 bottles to treat a few kids, it would have paid for its self in over the year
    Plus your not exposing your children to nasty chemicals in those products, might be good for someone wiht a child with Asthma (they cant use most of the products)


    I now have my 4th child at school and he came home with the dreaded itchy head. Checked on day one, saw nothing but on day two found those little pests crawling on his head. Not many granted but still off to the chemist, get the solution, comb the hair etc.etc. Head clear and off he goes to school.

    Now I would always let a teacher know when one of mine had head lice as they send their nice letter home to parents letting them know its doing the rounds in the class.

    What I don’t get, is why its still one of the ‘taboo’ subjects and even if a child in a class has head lice and it is never treated no-body is in a position to say anything about it. Other parents just have to suffer their children coming home with head lice and they have to constantly treat their child. A teacher can’t ‘tell’ a parent their child had head lice. Yet the child can still attend school every day with a head crawling with lice.(One of my daughters was in a class with this problem). If a child was in class and had a temperature, had chicken pox spots etc.etc. they would be asked to go home until they were better and not to spread contagious infections to other children. But yet with head-lice they are free to spread it and nobody says anything even though at times it can be so bad you can visibly see the lice on the child’s head. 😯

    I don’t think its fair to parents who have to suffer the annoyance and cost of having to treat their children because someone else wont treat theirs.Apart from the obvious discomfort to a child.

    Can anyone explain why nobody can tell a parent directly their child has been itching their head and maybe its head lice. I would prefer to know if my child had them and get it sorted.


    Its a taboo subject – I just feel its ignorance on parents behalf…

    My dd had them for the first 4 yrs of primary school…


    i get the tea tree shampoo and conditioner i make my own spray bottle up of the conditioner and water i spray it in dd’s hair before school everyday since the 1st of september hasn’t had 1 nit yet thankgod tip wood she doesn’t get them. saves alot of money and pain.


    Nikky just put a few drops of tea tree oil into your normal shampoo… it works out cheaper… a dab of tea tree behind the ears works great too.


    I buy a very plain shampoo – like Elave – as it has no added smells in it and I add a few drops of tea tree essential oil into it and wash the kids hair with that at least once every 2 weeks and thankfully, so far that has kept those horrible little lice away.

    I would not be embarrassed about it if it happened to one of my children again. My son had the dreaded head lice when he was in play school and it was a horrible thing to have to comb them out of his head. I will never forget it but I was not shy about telling his teacher so they could let the other parents know to watch out for it. Thats the courteous thing to do – I would do whatever I could to stop another child getting it – and I would hope other parents would do that too but maybe not everyone thinks that way?

    Its mad the way some parents won’t admit to it – but according to my mother, lice will only go into a clean head, apparently they will not go near dirty hair so in a way, its a compliment to the parents for keeping their child’s head so clean!! 😉

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