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    So, new research suggest a few tipples whilst pregnant does no harm to the baby – what do you think??? Would you have a glass of wine or two while pregnant?

    I was so sick in my first trimester on all my pregnancies that I would not have touched a drink but later on, in the second trimester when I felt somewhat normal again, I used to have the odd half glass of red wine – only very occasionally – and I don’t think that would have hurt babs.

    Is the odd tipple ok ? Do we go OTT with all the things we give up when pregnant?


    Yeah, i agree the odd glass of wine did me or babies no harm. I always found the one glass gave me the satisfaction i was craving, never had or wanted any more then that. Sometimes after a few mouthfuls i had enough. Like you i only even looked for alcohol at certain times of pregnancy when i wasnt feeling so ill.

    Once away on Holidays abroad, i ordered a glass of wine for a waiter in a restaurant, a different waiter brought it to the table, he put it in front of me & then started laughing, picked it up & handed it to dh. I was mortified, he seemed shocked when i said it was actually for me!!!

    Sure on all my pregnancies, i was on sessions before i realised i was pregnant 😳

    Now knowingly going out drinking for the night, i wouldn’t agree with at all. I was a concert one night & saw two heavily pregnant girls totally plastered 🙁 stumbling along.


    A little bit wouldn’t do any harm IMO. I think we get too worried about what ‘not to eat, drink and do’ when pregnant. On my first pregnancy I was so good, I denied myself even a whiff of wine but on my 2nd, 3rd and 4th I was much more relaxed and had the odd glass.

    I remember being at a BBQ one day and it was so hot and my husband was having a cold beer and I just wanted a sip for the taste and coolness of it – so I had one sip and a guy I know told me I was being a terrible woman and was harming my baby and he stomped off in disgust!

    It was one sip, not even a mouthful and I just had a craving for a taste of the beer because it was hot and they were all having one and I got such a telling off for it! I would have drank the whole bottle! In fairness, the guy who flipped out is a bit of a twat so I did not take him too seriously but its amazing how people feel they can judge you and tell you what to do because you have a bump. on a bad day, that telling off could have reduced me to tears or could have resulted in him having the beer spilled on his silly head!!!

    Having said that – seeing someone pregnant and drinking alot or smoking is very upsetting and makes me feel sorry for the baby in question. A bit of cop on and restraint goes a long way…


    I did have the odd glass here and then when pregnant but as you say get plastered now is a different matter altogether.
    I don’t believe the little i did drink did any harm to either myself or the girls and – i remember one day on holidays craving a glass of wine – i had 2 mouthfuls and decide i actually didn’t really want it 😆 😆

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