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    I am now 40 and have a 3 year old and am considering having another but id like to be healthier and a bit lighter first ha! ha !. Just like to hear from older mothers and their experiences. I understand the risks are greater but if i dont i might regret it. Heard you can request a cisarean for the birth to make it a bit easier ??? :shock: :P


    Hi Amarie, no matter what age you are it’s always a good idea to be healthy and fit before conception. There are increased risks of chromosomal problems as you get older so this is worth discussing with your GP ahead of time (in the meantime get started on your folic acid).

    A cesarean comes with additional risks for you and your baby so it’s not really an easier option. I’ll be 39 when my second baby arrives (with a 7 year gap) and I’m definitely feeling a lot more tired this time around.

    Best of luck !!



    Hiya! Have two under three. Am 38. Would love another, but nothing happening yet and hubby overseas a lot these days… Pity I didn’t get started earlier, but think my hubby was hiding from me! Got pregnant on honeymoon – so did our best! C-section no help, as can’t lift /drive etc for 6 weeks. Not good if you have small kids already (judging from friends).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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