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    I thought I’d post this poll to see how many of you have had experience of homeopathy. Or maybe an interest in it but no idea of what its about?!

    I first came across homeopath 10years ago. I was in quite a difficult place and was so taken with my own healing experience that I decided to train as a professional homeopath myself. I have been practising for the past 2 years now (based in Mornington) and am constantly amazed by the power of the remedies and the positive forces they bring to peoples’ lives.

    If you don’t know much about Homeopathy check out the recent article on Mumstown. Its by Sheelagh Beehan who is a great homeopath and was a wonderful mentor to me throughout my training. Feel free too to PM me or give me a call. My add is on the Mumstown Drogheda Directory!

    I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on homeopathy and maybe some of your own experiences.

    Ashling x


    I’ve tried a small bit, like arnica after the birth and for lumps and bumps on ds. My doc said my sections scar at six weeks was what he would expect to see as 6 months, it healed soooo well I dont have a scar at all, its really really hard to find.

    One of the girls in my birthclub on MM was given terrible bad news at her scan a few weeks ago, she was told her baby was so ill that it was almost certain the baby would die. Her dh is a homeopath and started treating her, a week or so later the consultant was lost for words at how well the baby was doing and was asking about what treatment they used which is not the norm for consultants to show an intrestin anything alternitive meds. The baby is doing well and all is starting to look promising for her, the baby has some genetic problems but other then that in good health


    I know Taylor. Arnica is just a great remedy. Does super healing work and also is the best ambassador for homeopathy. These days it is most people’s intro to homeopathy, particularly for all the mums out there. Glad to hear it helped you after yr section.

    I think I know the couple you are talking about too.. its a small world! The story of their little baby is really quite miraculous and although I have been involved with homeopathy for years now I am still amazed when I hear of such healings. A reminder that anything is possible when is comes to health and healing, despite what limitations our logic might put on things….. which is good to know….. x


    It just goes to show that even when conventional medicine cant do anything that faith and alternitive meds can do wonders,
    Its gas such a small world.



    Its great to see Homeopathy being talked about on here. I used to take some remedies prescribed by my homeopath, when i was trying for my DS a few years back and the benefit was amazing….took me a while to realise why I was feeling so good & eventually it sunk in it was the remedies……gave me a real sense of peace…….

    Also have heard from several girls that you can be given a remedy to take for morning sickness during pregnancy and it works wonders……

    Moonflower xxx


    Hey Moonflower,

    Homeopathy is certainly becoming more popular in helping couples who are having problems conceiving. It helps to bring hormones into balance and increase fertility levels. Yet it also provides support for the emotional challenges that come with wanting a child…. as many of you will know this can be a very difficult and upsetting time.

    And you wouldn’t believe how many people experience that delay in making the connection between their happier mood and the homeopathic remedy they have been taking.

    Seems to be a part of human nature that when we feel better it’s hard to imagine feeling bad, in pain or whatever it was that was holding us back in life. I guess it just leaves more time to move forward with our new found healthy self.




    i use homeopathy all the time it s fab

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