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    CETS (Childcare Education and Training Support Scheme.)

    This scheme is run by FAS so anyone looking to go back to do a course with FAS will be assessed and may be entitled to put their child into full day care paid for by the government.

    THE MAGIC KINGDOM PLAYSCHOOL AND MONTESSORI have been allocated spaces for this scheme.

    CETS will pay up to €170.00 per week for your childcare.

    For further information please contact us on 0419836799


    God thats brilliant news… its about bloody time they started to do things for families and parents


    its a fabulous scheme taylor

    its just a pity people dont know about these things. the government or fas dont advertise these schemes.

    and what with the amount of people not working and wanting to change theircareer this is a great oppurtunity for families who think they cant avail of these courses as they cant afford the childcare….

    170 euro per wk is great and gets yur child full day care….

    i hope more people become aware of this scheme…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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